12 comments on “Super Daaishi World & Super Mikitty Brothers

  1. Much like Harunan Quest, I’d live to see an actual Daishi World with that picture of her in a kimono as the main character lol. I hope someone makes it happen. Maybe have little Fces of te other members on the baddies lol

  2. Lmao, Mikitty with the OHK on Kamei, i was under the impression that Kamei was one of the few people she tolerated… It would have been more realistic if that was Sayu who got Super Kicked instead lol… On another note, this game would probably be the easiest version of Mario ever released, all enemies would run away in fear instead of attacking after watching how thoroughly happy Mikitty looks crushing things

  3. Sure Daaishi is a funny person, and people in 2ch like to “play” with her (plus her “feeling”) xD

  4. I loved seeing Mikkity raping Kamei… sometimes it seems as if Mikity is a female manifestation all male fans. Mikkity loved squeezing and grabbing Kamei’s butt when they used to do live performances together… maybe overflowing passion for kamei in her veins… I wonder if she banged her for real…..

  5. There must be something wrong with me. I actually heard the jump sound when I saw that second gif.

    Awesome AA.

  6. I’d like to see Gaki-san as a character in Kingdom Hearts. Imagine how much she’d love that.

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