16 comments on “Ishida Ayumi comforts crying Okamura Homare during concert: “In this line of work we all have to sacrifice something.”

  1. Maybe it’s just me (probably is tbh) but that seems like a rather cold response. Objectively, she’s right, of course, but it isn’t really comforting or reassuring. Like she really just said “aww… thanks for choosing a lifestyle that prevents you from spending more time with the people you care about.” wtf ayu???

    Careless realism costs souls.

    • When Ayumin was talking to Homa-chan, do realize that she was not talking to her privately, but in front of their fans/audience. So essentially, Ishida was communicating, not only with Okamura, but with the wotas as well. Reminding the wotas, that indeed, a musume must entail some form of sacrifices in order to give their best performances for them, and also comforting Okamura that her sacrifices is well appreciated by the members and wotas. Given the circimstances, I think Ayumi gave the most appropriate response.

  2. “Daaishi is seriously so cool for being able to come up with words on the spur of the moment that could help both Homa-chan and the fans like that. (Or rather, it’s something she herself has also experienced, so I suppose she must’ve just said how she truly felt inside.)”

    Spot on.

    • She really is experienced this kind of situation before. I remember she said she had only a few friends at the school back then. However, at the same concert she said that now she have a best friend named “Yamaki Risa”. ??????

      • I don’t follow MM like I used to. Just don’t have the time, but when ever I read Ayumi’s interviews I am touched by her thoughtfulness, and wisdom that can only be gained from sacrifices she has made. I have always liked her, but as I learn more about her, the deeper my respect for her grows.

  3. This hits close to home. When I was a kid (younger than Homa-chan) my best friend Bill got recognized as a swimming prodigy. In no time we stopped hanging out because Bill was always going off to competitions, training, award ceremonies, etc. Occasionally I would see Bill with his teammates and some of them disliked me and he would avoid me when any of them were around (which was almost always). That got me mad and we wound up parting ways until around college time.

    I never thought of it from the other side of the problem…

  4. I’m looking forward towards the Suberi Leadership of the future. Those 2 don’t get much credit but it tends to be Eripon and Ayumin who you often here stories of consoling and scolding the youngins of the group

  5. I’m the only one that doesn’t thinks that Ayumi’s response was THAT cold? I don’t think Ayumi was talking only about the “boohoo being an idol is so hard” thing, I think that what she meant was:

    1 – Yah, idols needs to sacrifice a lot of things, it’s better she get used to it.

    2 – If her “friends” can’t understand that being an idol is important to her and can’t support her, then she’ll be better without them, since her career can bring her more happiness than being in an abusive relationship.

    It may be just my imagination, but I mean, come on, her friends aren’t even trying. Her career can bring her a lot of things that are way more important than this.

    • This is an MC from the current tour, so it’ll likely show up in one of the next set of concert documentary DVD Magazines.

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