21 comments on “Iikubo shares hotel room with Daaishi; receives complete silent treatment

  1. ishidas “off” mode is like niigakis
    maybe even more “low vibe”

    ikuta you can tell is the “throw me the ball” type of person
    you need to initiate conversation with them and maintain an effort to keep it going
    even on her “on” mode you can see it
    sometimes its just her body, others its body and mind that are tired
    you can really tell when she is low energy

  2. I, too, quite enjoy long comfortable silences.
    If ever I were to find myself in that kind of situation with Ayu, or Eritan…ah, it would be lovely.

  3. A girl that stops talking sometimes… I’m so glad I chose Daiishi as my oshi.

  4. I perfectly understand Ayumi. It is also part of growing-up. Ages of maachan would have endless energy xD

  5. I’m more like the Maa-chan type… I hate silence… my hobbies and things I like to talk about are so weird, though, that there are few persons I could have nightlong conversations… I could talk about H!P, music in general, languages, games or igo for days… but I’m not good with pointless smalltalk… so I watch YouTube videos all the time…

    so I know exactly, what Masaki is talking about… but it’s so cute how it bothers her and Daishi apologizes XD she probably didn’t even notice Maa-chan’s dilemma… I envy people who have this “off mode”…

  6. I’m like Ishida and Ikuta, I really appreciate my time alone, it’s esencial for me! Even though I love silence and being alone, I feel unconfortable when I’m with people and they treat me with silence and a boring face, I always try to initiate a conversation but when they’re like “ah, ok” in all responses, it sucks hahaha!

    I appreciate people who understand me and stay in silence with me, with a smile.

  7. “1: 【中国電 78.9 %】 ◆fveg1grntk 2015/09/20(日) 15:28:52.97 0
    Taguchi Natsumi
    “Me and Sako were going to share a hotel room, so I was all excited, going “I guess I won’t be getting much sleep tonight…” But then when it was just me and her, all she did was stare at her smartphone. We’re always all clingy with each other so I was looking forward to sharing a hotel room with her, but in the end, nothing happened. Thankfully we did at least take a bath together.”

    Am I reading too much into this…..?

  8. It does not sound like the “total silence routine” was intended to rest their voices, but it is a very smart thing for singers to do.

    Many long-time Hello! Project singers have now had an assortment of vocal chord problems. Total, monk-like, silence helps protect vocal chords.

    • Not to be rude or anything but the ones that are “resting” their voices aren’t really the best singers, especially when compared to maa-chan and sakura, and it sounds like they are having a party every time they share a room.

      • you two have a point but it’s more of personality and maybe they are just too tired that night

      • Totally fake, that thing that “girls that rest their voices are not real singers” is totally fake, it’s only common sense, everybody has to take a rest for singing, if you don’t do, you can tire out your throat and even, in long term, damage your voice. Singing without rest, especially when you’re not the best singer, and you don’t have a good technique, it’s complete stupid.

        It’s their business if they want to continue with that thing, that, for me, sounds totally counterproductive.

  9. I think both Ayumi and Erina are a bit introverted, not that they are “gloomy” but I don’t think the wota meant that as negative term anyways. But they are both my top two, just adore their odd and fun personalities.

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