9 comments on “The awesomeness that was Taiyou to Ciscomoon

  1. I think I’ve only heard one song of theirs so far… they were around just long enough to get one song from their last release on the first Petit Best.

  2. This is some crazy timing. Yesterday, I was watching that Linked Horizon Bravely Default concert and there was that one singer who had this particular feeling about her. I looked her up right then and found out that she was Kominato Miwa and part of Taiyou to Ciscomoon.

    I thought I should get around to finally checking out their music, so this will get me started. Thanks a lot, Henkka!

  3. I still remember watching early Asayan ep where each of them were sent to America to study before the group’s debut. Sure brings back old school Hello!Project, before the name was coined. I only got a notice of them actually during the first shuffle groups – checking out who’s who.

    Thanks for the translations, Henkka!

  4. I’ve been around the fandom for awhile but to this day i still can only recognize Inaba by face in this group and thats only because of stuff like Utaban when they focused on shuffle groups… Those were funny ass episodes though, aint to many shows ever been as funny as Utaban when H!P idols were the main guest

  5. Look down all of Tsunku-san’s creation was totally amazing!! I once looked the Taishisu performance back then in MM GE days, full of performances.. I think they’re not an idol, but Performance Group to be exact. They’re remind me of TRF back then.

  6. They were glorious! Definitely the best singers in H!P history <3 I can't remember what song of theirs I heard first though I have a feeling that is was Gatamekira :) I'd say Gatamekira & Everyday Everywhere are my favourites :)

  7. I’ve always wondered what other people thought of T&C Bomber! A lot of their music aged well, and I’m happy their songs are still performed at H!P concerts. (Some of my favourite songs are Tsuki to Taiyou, Uchuu de Latata, and Endless Love.)

    They were fantastic at the Countdown Live, but I hope they can do a full reunion with Ruru sometime!

  8. I remember liking RuRu’s chinese music before I even knew about H!P. After I became an H!P fan, I was really surprised to see her in it.

  9. Ever since I saw that H!P shuffle performance of Magic of Love a couple months (?) ago, I instantly fell in love. That had to have been one of the best shuffle units in a long time, in my opinion.

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