29 comments on “Could it be that Daaishi doesn’t actually realize what her photobooks are used for? (+1)

  1. What?! Ayumi is 17? I though she was like 13 or 14! She definitively knows, but it’s ok to think that she doesn’t know.
    And 8c3635be.jpg is so sad, poor Ayumi, nobody seems to care about her in that picture =/

  2. Am I the only one who thinks Ayumi would just smile big and be cool with it, almost a little flattered?

    • Nope, she has that country girl vibe to me. She’s not fazed and knows boys will be boys.

  3. I never thought one second to buy a photobook, why ? Because it’s just pictures what else am I going to do ?

    I guess I’m still an innocent boy inside.

  4. So all this time we thought Michishige was training Fuku-chan for leadership… but her real goal was turning Sayashi into a pervert!

  5. Riho is going to be dangerous once Sayu graduates… She’ll be the sole pervert of the group and free to do as she pleases without having to share… Sort of feel bad for whatever little girl they choose from the 12th gen audition cause she is gonna be no more than a piece of meat for Riho

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  7. i tried fapping once on Ayumi’s PB, i fail so hard to cum so i go back to Fukuboobs.

  8. I think Daishi is too daishi to masturbate… when she grows her love melons a bit… I will consider her. But she has great butts though… I wouldn’t mind rubbing & squeezing hard from behind. That would be great fun…. but seriously she needs to grow her tiny lemons into big apples; for people to take her earnestly.

  9. Little innocent questions to girl readers:

    Can a girl grow her breasts by conscious efforts?
    At what age girls stop growing?

    • No. It’s all genetics and inheritance.
      Late teens or early twenties, although pregnancy generally gives the size a bit of a boost.

    • I can volunteer to massage Daaishi’s boobs until they finally attain Mizuki’s cup size!

    • I know you must be a girl and as far as I know, a girl won’t masturbate to another girl unless.. heehee….

        • A guy doesn’t get excited when he sees a dazzling beauty… means he is either inept or heehee….

          • Right right…or he has a little self control and simply isn’t fueled by perversion.

      • OK guy, why don’t you & PP create your own dirty creepy idol website, and wank all you want over there?

        • What is so dirty and creepy about making your love creams ooze out in your bedroom..? man always want to make love with a beautiful woman…. it’s nature, nothing creepy about it. It just means fukuchan is ravishing..amazing…makes my little me wake up from slumber get into action…

          • Nothing wrong about that, when IT’S KEPT IN YOUR BEDROOM (or head).
            Dude, if you get off writing these, I’m sure there’s a forum somewhere where people get off reading them.

          • Exactly! Why should we guys be ashamed of something which is a perfectly normal biological response? It’s normal for guys to get aroused when they see a girl with big breasts…it’s normal for guys to jerk off to images of Fukuchan’s PB. Its normal for guys to fantasize about having unprotected sex with Mizuki-chan. Not everyone’s born a saint like Hennka, ok?

      • I’m a guy but photobook never be my fab material. Most of H!P girls are too beautiful for me to imagine that would have sex with them. I’m more excite toward average looking AV girl.

        • Incidentally, Mizuki could be a perfect AV idol. Ishida could well win the “butt’ category in the AV industry…she gives others a run for their money.

  10. I don’t know all that much about Ayumi so I don’t know if she knows or not or what her reaction would be.

    #79 Well, well, well lol

  11. Poor Riho in that last post. Sayu peeking up at the front, Maachan flipping her skirt in the back.

  12. I don’t know what it is about Daaishi, but she is the most perfectly-shaped Musume I’ve run across. Not to mention the most intriguing.

  13. I find ayumi very attrackting and fuku chan very beatiful but i dont know what it is but ayumi wins over fuku chan for me. Is the daaishi feeling?

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