12 comments on “The Battle for Kaga Kaede

  1. Not fan of that romanization “Kaedy”.

    Quite a contrast with the latest two translations!

  2. If I understand correctly, Sasaki Rikako, Makino Maria, and Kaga Kaede were a power clique in the KSS before any of them debuted, and were called The Akama (the devils). At the hinafest lottery meeting this year the three of them walked into together holding hands and introduced themselves as MaRiKaedy.

    I can definitely see Kaede as Yossie 2.0.

  3. 29: 名無し募集中。。。 2017/02/17(金) 03:48:55.17 0.net
    Maria is always in ON-mode.

    -As expected of Michishige Sayumi’s #1 wota

    • @SailorKame,
      Correction, Maria-sama is Sayu’s No.1 follower becoz she tries to follow in Sayu’s ways.
      No.1 Sayu wota in H!P is Risa (Country Girls), who plans to watch Sayumilandoll 4 times.

  4. Off topic, but Yamagishi Riko has become so much cuter since she joined Tsubaki Factory.. Everytime shes on camera or a photo my eyes get drawn to her

    • I’m amused to see a comment about Riko in a thread where she hardly appears lol, but she totally stood out for me in that one picture too XD

  5. All the girls are crowding around Kaedii now but once they find out that she’s a hardcore anime otaku, will they still look at her the same way? Will they still love her if they know she’s an otaku?

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