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  1. I haven’t seen a consensus on who is the “best girl” this generation, and I like that. All the girls are very unique and have their own appeals. Morning Musume needs girls like that.

    • yeah, but will they be allowed to be ‘unique’? Ogata seems to have a hidden character but like with Masaki, I think they are going to muzzle that and make her into the standard ‘underdog who struggles to become an idol’ character. I like an underdog as much as anyone but why can’t she be an underdog with a fun, out of the box character??

  2. If this person has been a fan since 9th gen I kind of don’t get it, because 9th gen definitely felt like the perfect new gen and all the members were cute, as well. The explanation that 12th gen seems as though they don’t ‘need’ love is strange to me, especially when they do have weaknesses, especially in their skills. One good singer doesn’t mean that they are all good singers, etc. #4 is usually the explanation that makes most sense: people just get bored and then try to find reasons or a culprit for it because maybe they still want to be fans, but aren’t feeling that spark anymore. Losing interest just happens! People can even fall out of love, for no specific reason at all, so certainly the same thing can happen with a more shallow emotional connection!

    I also love the occasional trainwreck, but I think it’s great that UF* isn’t really messing around anymore with their new member picks. Auditions used to be the time to fear for the worst, but not so anymore. S/mileage 3rd gen, Juice = Juice, Country Girls and Momusu 9th – 12th gen all seem like excellent picks… Suddenly singling out 12th gen is really quite odd.

  3. >>57
    Everyone is so accustomed to Tsunku’s trolling, that he can now troll them simply by not trolling them. Genius.

  4. They went full perfect, man. Never go full perfect. You don’t buy that? Ask You Kikkawa, 2011. “Major debut as a solo artist with Universal Music.” Remember? Went full perfect, today she’s making some small venues in Brazil to pay the bills.

  5. I kinda know what this fan means. They’re all really cute and seem like they’ll be interesting, but nothing about them is really grabbing me. It’s not dislike so much as lack of the usual fan desire to learn more and more about them. It doesn’t seem to be just growing away from H!P or getting bored, since I don’t feel that way at all with the new Country Girls members, who are just as cute/interesting. Something about 12th gen in particular just doesn’t let me connect with them.

    that said, I’m super excited for Ozeki Mai and Shimamura Uta, (plus two of my favorite kenshuusei) to debut in Country Girls. I really hope they revive Shining Itoshiki Anata… And that some of them are good enough singers to make it enjoyable!

  6. I have a good feeling about both 12th gen and Country Girls, but I’m not particularly interested in the new S/mileages.

    As for 12th gen, so far I like Nonaka the best, but Ogata is also interesting.

    I hope Tsunku re-recovers soon…


  7. I feel it’s more of, the new GEN is so cute that the person doesn’t bother looking at their personalities anymore. Which makes it hard for the person to connect with them

  8. 16 and 17 are about the only comments I’m inclined to agree with. This gen seem like a bunch of average teen girls and I just can’t seem to care about them one way or the other.

  9. Hmm, my only issue with this gen is that there again no one to ‘spice things up’, everyone’s nice and cute and they all get along with each other. There’s no yankee, tsundere, or Mikitty-type poison tongue; everyone’s an ‘honor student’ type.

    There’s no sense of rivalry or tension within the current lineup, even Ikuta’s thing about wanting to be center is a joke because everyone knows it’s a joke. Everyone sort of knows their place and they are content to stay there. Sayu as a leader has been great but I think she’s carried over the whole family atmosphere from Ai-chan’s era; in that sense this is still Ai-chan’s Morning Musume (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I did like the Platinum Era)

    Sometimes I wish Kanatomo had been found for 9th gen auditions. A girl like that would have been interesting to see in Morning Musume with her unorthodox character.

    • I definitely agree, though I think Maachan was the closest we’ve gotten to a spicing-things-up member. Though she’s more in the Aibon/Tsuji/Koha camp, I suppose, but she did/does seem to shake things up. But yes, I would gladly sacrifice any one of these girls to the great Lord Tsunku if it meant getting a Sayu/Reina/Mikitty/Yuko type.

      I’m not ruling out this generation completely, though, since some of these personalities do take some time to cultivate and eventually do shine through (Sayu comes to mind), but yeah, there were definitely girls who came in guns blazing. Man, just look at Reina’s legacy: auditioned for 5th gen as a blonde yankee, made it to training camp because she lied about her age, had the audacity to [i]reaudition[/i] a year after she got caught, got in, hardly cracked a smile, and talked back to her senpai almost immediately. I want another one of those.

    • If only KanaTomo auditioned for the 11th gen! Tomoko and Sakura could have become rivals since Oda really has no rival within Momusu.

  10. I knew that some of the japan-wota, tend to like “raw” girls to begin with, then “transform” into perfect idol now. They like how idol grew from nothing into idol.

    Somehow with this “perfect” condition of the 12th gen, they somehow felt “empty” because they have nothing to be follow anymore, everything seems perfect in all aspects like looks (all member), dancing & singing (miki).

    I can understand how they feel, it’s like when everything is perfect, means that you have no more to be worry about, no more challenges. It’s dilemma for Tsunku-san & co, if they’ll put a “below-standard” girls, everyone must complaint, but if he put “perfect” members, fans will complaint too because too perfect.. :lol:

  11. I’m happy that we’ve gotten past the era where girls are chosen based on being the worst candidate. And let’s be real here, none of these girls are without flaws. By all accounts, there is only one competent singer among them, and Morning Musume is first and foremost a singing group, so folks like the OP will have plenty of flaws to enjoy. Honestly, if you can’t feel anything for an odd-ball like Ogata, then you’re following the wrong idol group.

    • “Morning Musume is first and foremost a singing group”

      Lol… They’re idols first, artists (whatever that means) second.
      Singing takes a backseat to most other things.

      And why not? Technology can fix the flaws in the singing.

      • LOL! They are idols in a singing group. Their first job is to sing songs, and their idol stuff (whatever that means) flows FROM that.

  12. we need a little-tanned girl, with features different from the rest and an attitude that shall bring the banters… definitely someone loud. seriously.

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  14. 44: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/10/23(木) 10:25:40.58 0.net
    They lack that whole cult aspect thing, like there’s something only you can understand and appreciate about them.

    I kind of understand and agree with that logic. Usually there is at least one member who you wondered what Tsunku was thinking when they were put in the group but this 12th gen lineup all look like they should be idols, nobody looks out of place. There is no Konno, or Michishige in this group.

    But in terms of who i’m supporting right now it has to be Ogata and Nonaka. With Ogata’s twitter being leaked, we see she may be the biggest personality of the 4, quirky and weird which are things I like in an idol. She seems to be the one most suited for variety. As for Nonaka, if you’ve been watching Hello! Station you already know that she is talented. She can sing and dance already and is probably center of the 12th gen if they dont give it to Makino cause she’s popular. Plus the fact that Nonaka speaks english is a bonus for me, interested in how they are gonna use her

  15. I see where the person is coming from. The 12th generation is great and all, but when the group you loved is gone and replaced, a person could feel the urge to move on. There’s nothing wrong with that either, some people are only a fan of one era (in this case post-platinum to pre-colorful) and move on. It sucks that some people try to make OP look fickle or new to the fandom because of that.

    The 12th gen is also a little ’empty’, like someone else said. I feel like this gen was a filler generation, serving no real purpose but to replace Reina (since auditions usually come after graduations). They look already polished on the outside, but also look like they could be in any typical idol group. Of the last three generations, I never figured them to be ‘typical idols’ like I do the 12th gen. But, I’m sure my view on their looks will change with time and they’ll gain that Momusu vibe.

    And, speaking on there being so many ‘honor student’ types, I think so too. We have Masaki, Kanon, and Ayumi giving us a good dose of their personalities, but the other girls not so much. They seem to be careful not to put too much of themselves out there and seem a little guarded, like they were told not to say too much or display their personalities too much. It makes me worried about Ogata Haruna and if she’ll even be allowed to display the fun side of her we’ve seen, nerves aside. We know Masaki has a muzzle, but I wonder does that go for everyone else? Maybe H!P is playing it too safe to pick girls like Reina, Miki, or the various other past personalities.

    • I wouldn’t say 12th gen is supposed to replace Reina, that was Sakura (at least for singing).
      12th gen gives me more of a Sayumi vibe: 3 not so great singers, but they’re beautiful or at least already polished looking.

  16. have to admit it, but if they are trying to attain the sales of AKB in millions they are far off. I’m an MM fan but how can the manage pull off something with the kind of sales they have? question is for how long. compare the sales. its mind boggling.

  17. I am the opposite frame of mind about the 12th gen. I am super curious to get to know their personalities especially Ogata. Her twitter pics are hilarious. Seeing the girls dressing all in white without member colors is like a blank canvas. I want to see how colorful the 12 gen can become.

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