18 comments on “Secrets likely to be unintentionally exposed by Iikubo Haruna

  1. I’ve been wondering for a while now, what are the different colored texts? I know they’re supposed to be the better posts, but does the color mean anything? Like is red more thought provoking while blue is informative or something?

    • It seems like Henkka likes to emphasize particularly funny and/or odd posts by highlighting them in another color that way.

      • Oops, didn’t mean to submit so soon. As per your question on color, I don’t think the colors have any specific meaning. Henkka probably just chooses them randomly to make the posts stand out. Then again, I could be totally wrong and there might actually be a method to Henkka’s madness <3

    • since when has that been a secret?

      lol just kidding, I love maa-chan, whether she’s a cute alien or not

      it would explain a lot, though, wouldn’t it? ;D

  2. ノハ*゚ ゥ ゚)< The other day I saw Ishida sneaking home with her costume fo—-oh, never mind, it’s nothing, really

  3. ノハ*゚ ゥ ゚)< Wonder why she is so professional? Kuduu is actually older than m– Ah, sorry. It’s nothing.

  4. ノハ*゚ ゥ ゚)< I overheard Tsunku- san saying that he already knew he was going put Oda in Morning and used a new member audition so the other Kenshuusei’s wouldnt get m- Oh, never mind. Its nothing, it was just a dream

  5. ノハ*゚ ゥ ゚)< I wonder now that Michishige-san is retiring whether she’ll finally mention her boyfriend in her blog… Ah, sorry.

  6. ノハ*゚ ゥ ゚)< Wada Ayaka-chan actually have no idea about art…. Ah, sorry.

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