11 comments on “I’m shocked… Michishige Sayumi looks completely different now that she’s on her break

  1. Don’t know who that giant girl in the middle is.

    Sayu is the one standing on top of the sign, that the blue arrow’s pointing to, right?

  2. Knd of like Goku in GT.
    Goku’s body had to get big to handle ssj4…Sayu’s body had to get bigger to handle being Momusu.

  3. Now that she herself is young again, does she still fawn over other young girls or does she just stare at herself in the mirror all day like she did in the past lol…

    PS… is that Tsunku’s daughter in the pic???


    But really, who is that? A random little girl? Tsunku’s daughter, as Novakayne speculated? Truly a rejuvenated Sayu?

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