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  1. lol. i seriously LOLed while i was reading chisato’s confession, and how was everyone’s faces were xD

  2. So you could say that Airi is the only not so “lesbianish” person from C-ute.
    Like she stated a long time ago she just really wanted to quit when they had to take a bath together, no one else didn’t mention anything like that :D

  3. And the sound of thousands of keyboards typing out poorly written fanfiction erupts from the bowels of tumblr.

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  5. This is a good opportunity to ask once again, who’s YOUR favorite H!P bulldyke?
    Akari Takeuchi?

    And there’s this one backstage video where just before going onstage, Eri is following Sayu who turns around and puts her back to the wall with an expectant look on her face, Eri moves in…and in…and in, and then notices the camera, turns towards it and makes a “naughty naughty camera-san” comment. I DIDN’T imagine it. I think it was Wonderful Hearts.

    • Ogawa Makoto was mine way back, but N-Saki has become my fave in the past year or so.

      I think? I sorta remember the scene you’re talking about from a while back, but I can’t either remember what DVD specifically. I’ve always wondered about Eri from time to time.

      • I can see your point about Ogawa but Nakky? My question is about those who seem rather “butch.” Chinami’s another who from time to time… Maasa now that I come to think of it.

      • Thanks Henkka. Good evidence but it’s not the video moment I’m talking about. Actually, I’ve seen this one too.

      • wow, have never seen those images before.. is there a video of that anywhere?

        Also, is it just me or was Sayu ready for something to happen? Eri chickened out in the end but Sayu is deadly serious, lol.

        KameShige forever!

    • Yossie, hands down.

      I used to have a girl-crush for Take-chan (her “Dot Bikini” moments ꈍ‿ꈍ) but after hearing that Akari had never played baseball before (only played catchball) and watching her fail to hit a baseball with a bat… my love died then & there. Nothing more heartbreaking for a girl-crush on someone who boasts on their androgyny than to find out that are not even remotely as manly as they play up to be.

      Haruka… She has potential to take the crown from Yossie in the future.

    • Well this is embarassing. I found the video. Everything’s as described except Eri knew the camera was there already and didn’t get close. It just seems there was “something” in their behavior and it might have gotten a touch more obvious had the camera not been there.

  6. Someone really should do real subtitles from that certain scene, and by real I mean that it would be made by someone who isn’t a user of c2h, like anyone knows, you cannot trust the male fans in that board :)
    So really, it would be interesting to really read about what Okai was talking about.

    ^ and for that “favorite H!P bulldyke” question the answer is Okai & Yossie. Although I like all four of them but well, I like every H!P members.

    ^ and if someone don’t remember or know what Airi scene I was referring on my earlier, mostly comedic, comment then it was from their old Music Fighter episode, it’s full name might be [MMIF] C-ute – Music Fighter 071019 – Tokkaiko Junjou (Subtitled).avi

    At least it can be found from Daily Motion, I couldn’t find any torrent links for it right now:

    The original file I have, where ever I got it, can’t remember, is 389Mb.

  7. When I was still learning about the menbers, I remember finding a bunch of ChisaMai clips on YouTube. Maimai seems to be against it in the DVD mag, but Chissa seems to be the only one confused by it in that kissing video?! Like it’s old news to everyone, but Chisato is making it a big deal in front of the camera.

  8. Looks like Mai always knew but was content with just torturing Chisa over it. (Like with that kiss-video.) How cruel…

  9. There’s another survey opportunity here. What’s your favorite legendary H!P friendship?
    Kei / Mari
    Aibon / Nono
    Sayu / Eri
    Ai-chan / Gaki-san
    Chisa / Mai-mai

    I know the current subject convolutes a couple of these pairings, but I like these friendships. I’d like to see Ayacho/Harunan and Maa-chan/Duu achieve “legendary” status. The former would be a unique instance of not being in the same group and generation.

    • How could one even choose a single pair?!

      Let’s see…

      Eripon & Mizupon (My beautiful PonPons, BFFs for life!)
      Aibon & Nono (I swear, they would have made it big together.)
      Eipon & Niigaki (Gaki-san still plays up the not-liking-Eripon’s-affections act but they are pretty close out of work.)
      Momoko & Mano (This one stumped me when I first heard of it. It’s unusual and perfect.)
      Ai-chan & Niigaki
      Zukki & Riho (I really miss this one, there isn’t a whole lot of it these days.)
      Ayumi & Riho
      Ayumi & Haruka (Mama & Papa!)
      Masaki & Reina (So weird, Reina of the past probably wouldn’t have allowed Maskki to hang on her like that. It’s cute.)
      Masaki & Sakura (Maa-chan will probably bring out some personality in Sakura. I hope…)
      Yossy & Rika/Makoto/Mikitty/anyone (Yossy’s friendships are awesome.)
      Momusu (& now S/mileage) gen-friendships (I love that the gens get close to each other.)

      I’m sure I have more but these are the ones that come to mind.

    • Are you guys misunderstanding the question or am I wrong in thinking the pairs I mentioned are THE legendary friendships?

      • Nope, no misunderstanding. These are my legendary friendships; the ones I’m going to always remember. Your ‘legendary’ and my ‘legendary’ are as different as your ‘epic’ and my ‘epic’.

  10. In all seriousness though, there has to be at least one legitimate gay member in H!P, right? I mean, just statistically speaking. And honestly, I’m curious as to how homosexuality is treated in Japan–I’ve googled it before, but I know there’s always some sort of lenience for female-female relationships over male-male relationships. (At least, there’s that lenience for the sexual part of their relationship.)

    Is there such a thing as a gay or lesbian idol in Japan at the moment?

    (And I’m curious as to whether this conversation was kind of scripted, sort of as a “fan service” to their fans. You know, to get them thinking about two members doing stuff…in a kind of perverted way. But I think it would be awesome to have an LGBT idol, especially in H!P…because H!P is the best, duh.)

    • Statistically, there’s probably a handfull. Thanks to Konkon we know that staff is overflowing with them. But I for one am not yet aware of any absolute confirmation about the idols.

  11. Lol Nakky does have a look of “maybe if I just sit here quietly no one will bring up my love for Maimi”. Lol

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