15 comments on “Even though the party is in full swing, Harunan is busy reading a mail from Ayacho

  1. since when does Calpis make you fat?

    with the development of Okai-san being in love with Hagiwara-san, these inter-H!P romances don’t seem so unrealistic…

  2. This picture captures the moment that Harunan decided that being a lesbian was not for her.

  3. It’s scaaaaaary O.o

    But, on the other hand – mentally ill girl (Ayacho) meets a normal girl (Haruna). They fall in love, but soon the illness is getting more serious and Haruna is in danger, scared.

    If there was someone to film it, that would be one of the most interesting movies I’ve ever seen.

    • if harunan is hangng with dawa, she can’t be normal. anyways, looks like people on 2chnnl really want dawa to jump? so mean. i thought the wotas like 1st gen more than 2nd gen smileage

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  5. Hahaha, that background music was too perfect.

    “Harunan… Harunan…
    Are out without me again?
    I thought you said you and I would go on another trip?


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