21 comments on “Sayashi Riho harshly scolds “looper” at handshake event!

  1. I can’t decide if the wota who are pissed off about this or the wota who are overjoyed about this are more insane…

  2. Lmao, watch all her haters give her flack for that but I’m one of the insane masochistic fans <3 It's fun watching her troll her fans or get angry lol, it's pretty much her role xD

  3. I think Riho may worry about how much time and money the hardcore fans dedicate to her/the group. I just can’t imagine her saying these things in an angry tone. I think it’s nice of her to say it, although it’s definitely gutsy.

  4. if riho hates handshaking and AKB-tactics, i think the most wota-est of wotas would love her even more.

  5. The thing is, she is an idol not an artist. I dont mind what she said, but is the line is appropriate for general public?

    • MM is the most artistic idol group, to the point that even Sayu can’t tell for sure if they should be considered as artists or idols.

      Tsunku has always let the girls be who they really are, with no attempt to formatting them into an abstract concept. So, whatever Riho, or any other member, want to say, it is always appropriate.

      And saying to a wota “please”, and worrying about him not wasting all his savings, I wouldn’t call that “scolding”.

      • I do not think they come close to be called ‘artist’ since they dont have much participation (if any) in creation the work. The professional singers, even they dont write their songs, they still need to design how they deliver the meaning of the song or the way they sing. The MM girls (and all the idols) done nothing about that because it was all directed from producer.

        I do agree that, comparing to other agencies, Hello!pro leave more room for the girls to develop/express their characters, which make it more convincing that RihoRiho we know is actually what she is. But that’s not to be considered as artistic value within the idol. And that ‘honest character’ does not make things to be more appropriate.

        This discussion might be framed with a slightly different perspective of ‘How the idol should be’, which is fine. But it is also the fact that every one might also have different ideas of what is appropriate and what is not. I doubt that in the social context of Japan. The thread like this is an example of the wave that the response of Rihoriho can create.

        for MM, in making their way back to their authority, the controversy like this never help. I do not ask the girl to change, since I love the way they are. But I do agree with (64) that agencies should make a statement to the public about this. The action of the agency will indirectly make the girls think by themselves (not a force to change, or tell them what to do) of how they response to this kind of situation in the next event.

      • Hello Project is not only artistic-idol group. If you follow more idol(both boyband and girlgroup) you will find more artistic-idol or even artistic-idol-professional actor- model-variety show group. Don’t use AKB and Momoclo for idol standard, because the J-idol immage, management style is create by Johnny entertainment group. In the past, Idol just singing and dancing but Johnny-san think that they should do more, like variety show etc. in order to survive in the industry as long as they can, and this format make Tsunku, and Aki-P decide to follow them, and it is how they have hello-morning and AKBingo stuff.

        I agree that Tsunku should lets the girl to be who they really are, but in entertainment world, manner is important and it affect the bussiness and company or even idol-themselves. I don’t want them to be like akb48 that need to build characters(That’s why I loke Paruru who is not afraid to be herself).

        I have seen JE technique that they will let them behave themselves BUT be careful of what they, even you don’t like but try to avoid and just say thank you and that’s all. This is how they can stay in the entertainment world stronger than GG

        I follow J-Idol for 10 years, their industry is scary. Even in JE it self, everything is not easy, Idol have to be careful a lot, because if they made any wrong decision or steps, it can affect their entire life.

        I will not blame Riho, she’s still young but if she and other girls step into Idol Industry world. Sometime they need to ignore and fake in order to save their position in the entertainment world. It’s not a joke. I have been JE fan for 10 years. I saw many cruel moment that happen to Idol before(Even AKB48 case is childish if compare to what JE have to met). I don’t want H!P to be like them and their company doesn’t have enough power to protect themselves.

  6. how many times does this guy loop?
    2-3 times are still normal
    but if riho said that he must loop A LOT

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  8. Haha… Hats off to RihoRiho for telling it like it is…Thats why she is my 2nd favorite member, she says and does wut she feels, no pretending from her…Can only imagining how annoying and creepy it must have got to see the same person keep running back in line over and over.. Shes probably the only member aside from Eripon who would have the guts to say something like that, Maa-chan might have too if she was actually paying attention lol

    • I think Daaishi might get around to it. Not because I think she’s gutsy but because I think she’s volatile. It could be the thread of the year. She’s dropped on my list but I still dig her.

  9. If I was an idol, I would only be ecstatic and grateful that somebody looped in my line. I don’t care if it’s twice or 200 times. I am not working at McDonalds or staying at home watching idols on dvds…I AM AN IDOL! Look at her job! She gets to shake hands with wotas who love her and everything she does! I know it often seems like a competition among wotas to see how can outdo each other in their love for their oshimens, but you know at the same time, as an idol, I would take it all with humility and feel lucky and blessed every single time a person shook my hand and never utter a single negative thing about my fans. Then again, morning musume HAS been known to do that about their fans eh? And you know what? if a wota shook my hand more than once, I would try even harder to get to know them and who they are because they took the time to get to know me. That is the beauty of the idol culture, something that the ace forgot because she might be a bit busy with the whole idol diva attitude. This really upset me. I was thinking about going to a handshake event and I thought it was completely great to visit an idol more than once in the lines….it makes the whole experience of waiting hours and hours and hours for ten seconds of shaking hands seem worth it…but not when the idol, whose only job at the event is to smile at me and at least TRY to be interested, can’t even do that because it’s too annoying or whatever. Screw that. Go work at McDonalds for a few months and learn some humilty…THEN come back and be grateful that you have one of the best and most rewarding jobs on earth that many of us only WISH we could have in life.

    • I think that you are misunderstanding the culture a bit. As you can see from the comments, many fans don’t LIKE the idea of loopers and especially idols showing more attention to one fan over another. What they would dislike more is an idol who beams at a fan that she likes or knows more and then looking bored with someone else. Wota don’t want their idols to pick favorites and there are reasons behind why they are attracted to idols in the first place. Being an idol isn’t an easy job. Many of these men shaking her hand are old enough to be her grandfather and she’s old enough to know that a lot of the attraction is sexual. Yet, she has to smile and entertain. You might say that you want that kind of life but it can be restrictive and fans can turn on you at a moment. Riho’s niche of fans LIKE her having a little attitude and “coldness”. It’s similar to the fans who loved Miki for being “icey”. Being the kind of girl to giggle and show excitement as that same man came again and again to shake her hand is not who Riho seems to be nor would her fans like that. They would be angry and accuse her of flirting or becoming “soft” for a fan. Also, many would try the same tactic to get her attention and do it to other girls too if it seemed to be accepted. Many idol wota prefer the culture BEFORE there were even hand-shake events. Even touching these girls is almost a form of “sexual gratification” for many and some fans would never go to one because they idealize the girls to such a level that even seeing them that close is just TOO much for them. They aren’t called IDOLS for nothing. It’s a different culture.

      • Thank you! I find everything you say quite believable. It’s in keeping with all my thus far impressions of Japan and the idol world. All of which I’m getting over the internet from the other side of the world. And of course, there’s a language barrier. I was creeped out by hand shake events before, now I’ve turned decidedly against them.

        On a very related note, I watched the videos of °C-ute’s handshake events in Paris. I kept asking myself “why aren’t these people fainting? I’d faint, I know I would.”

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