13 comments on “Morning Musume’s “ENDLESS SKY” is an amazing song

  1. these lyrics killed me… seriously… I don’t listen to it often… but when I do I can’t help but feeling really sad… and there’s no particular reason! maybe it’s because I see Tsunku in every part of the song… I don’t know… damn, why have you chosen these downer threads Henkka? XD I need more dog cheese and refrigeetaa!!

  2. It was already a great song but because it was essentially a graduation song for THE ALMIGHTY SAYASHI RIHO, the undisputed center of Morning Musume it was further elevated to almost legendary status… Still think Toki Wo Koe Sora is the best song of the Sayashi era but ENDLESS SKY gives it a run for its money

  3. I was honestly so upset that this song was so underappreciated IMO. It always struck a chord with me so much so that when they performed it at Houston, I ended up sobbing.

  4. They almost convinced me to listen to the song more often and start interpreting it until they mentioned what a good song OaO was.
    Now I will postpone the Endless Sky listening session on repeat to another day and instead spend some time contemplating how many of H!Ps lyrics are actually good and how much one can trust the wota. (OaO lyrics are just so embarassing :(( )

    • Well, the song itself is great.

      Super cheesy lyrics and some awkward grammar, but when you don’t know the language, doesn’t that part suddenly cease to matter? loll

      But nah, there are legit commentary in this thread. Take it as you always should with 2ch, but they weren’t just spouting crap for the sake of it this time; a ton of H!P songs have a genuine “it’s better with age” effect. Lyrics are gonna be hit-or-miss ’cause of language and societal difference tho

  5. When i first hear the song, I really loved this part of the lyrics

    “Ichininmae ni natta you na ki de ita kara ouhei na taido muishiki ni shiteta wa” (“I felt like I’d become an adult, so I found myself unconsciously being arrogant towards others.“)

    And way before the concert, I can already imagine Riho Riho would cry when singing these lines

    “Naku wake nai desho / naku hazu ga nai / jibun de eranda mirai dakara”

    Endless sky and the other two songs are great too, especially Riho’s solo live to Tsumetai Kaze, those are also the last single I’ve followed, I didn’t like any of the singles after Riho’s graduation…

  6. I will never forgive H!P for not using it as 9th gen’s graduation song, akin to “I WISH”.

    Just give the final solo to the member leaving, and it’s all good.

    The timing and the song itself was natural for it to happen,, yet they copped-out during Zukki’s last performance ;;;

  7. My friend Choi Soon-sil introduced me to this song and I absolutely loved it! Since Choi Onee suggested it and I’m the president of Korea, I signed a decree to make it our national anthem instead of 애국가. I heard Up Front Group bought Onee’s daughter a horse for her hard work in this matter! Isn’t that nice?

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