17 comments on “I have a problem: I’ve only just now become hooked on Sayashi Riho…

  1. Thank you for your translation, Henkka.

    I remember the day they announce her graduation, Its seem unreal.

    Even I followed Hello Project! since 2005, no one have meaning to me like Sayashi before.
    I didnt remember Country girls, Kobushi, Tsubaki or even 12ki MM at that time. To me Sayashi=Hello Project.

    Many said about Utahell, but I think Rihocalypse is much worse.

    I also didnt want her to comeback, to think about going through process of her graduation again make me want to cry.

    I hope she have a happy life.

  2. I don’t understand her wota that say they don’t want her to come back. She went to New York all alone to work really hard at her dancing and now you want her to not make use of it?

      • Ah well I get this. But that’s different from just getting married and having kids. Let her get a job at the office then or be an artist under UF that’s also working behind the scenes.

  3. Riho will comeback announcing her affair with Sayumi thus forcing an angry Kamei Eri out of retirement,

  4. Its the same type of pity I feel for those who never got to experience the greatness of Kamei Eri while she was still active, I feel blessed that I discovered Morning Musume during the legendary Platinum Era

  5. 125: 名無し募集中。。。 2018/06/07(木) 00:57:09.34 0.net
    You should watch “Pinpon Dash” as well.
    Ikuta, too, was just shining around those days

    133: 名無し募集中。。。 2018/06/07(木) 01:05:40.10 0.net
    A lot of the time, Ikuta (the other girl) was the only person to whom she would show her true colors. That’s what made the two so funny together. But other times they were seriously fighting with each other, too. (laughs)

    Exactly how i felt watching them, that was a true non business OTP.. Eripon was one of the only who could potentially bring out the real Riho… I remember stories back then about them hanging out together outside of work or doing matching pair type things without anybody really ever knowing, its like they didnt need to show off or brag about their friendship

  6. Riho was usually bronze in my MM medal standings, behind MaaDuu. But I still adored her. She deserved to be the ace, and didn’t deserve the negativity fans pushed her way.
    I will always remember my first individual handshake event – back in early 2014. Riho looked so surprised to see me, a relatively tall/handsome/muscular white guy rounding the divider. I used what little Japanese I could. And when I was ushered off, she literally wouldn’t let go of my hand. Five solid seconds security tugged at me before Sayashi released her grip. And they talk about Fuku-chan’s strong hands…!

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