16 comments on “Sato Masaki gets pissed off at H!P management! “Why don’t you just delete my whole blog then?!”

  1. Really? Just leave Maachan’s posts alone. Go do something else like fix the t-shirt designs instead.

  2. The f office should have known by now that her fans like her because of totally who she is. Let her to be ffs.

  3. See, I’m not even the biggest Masaki fan out there, but yeah, that would piss me off as well.
    If she was leaking secret info or was being impolite, sure, but I doubt that’s the case for every post – or rather, I’m sure that rarely happens.

    Also, I’m pretty sure they just started with this for the 9th generation. Platinum Era probably wasn’t corrected at all – which led us to Gaki’s hilarious English and the whole 6ki’s “eyes” disaster.

  4. There’s a difference between *managing* your talent, and *micro* managing your talent. This is micro-managing, and that’s how you lose staff. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up jumping ship sooner or later.

  5. I’m not sure that we’re getting the whole story. Why would it take two hours to add a question mark or fix a verb tense? I just saw Masaki’s latest blog and it was her tamely fan-girling Kaede/Sakura. I wonder if the management made her spend two hours to fix things to make it sound less perverted?

  6. How about UPF focuses more on giving them some actual decent music(which is in decline for a while now) instead of fixing maa’s blog posts?
    I mean ffs focus on the talent you have(and you have the talent enough for exporting it) and put it to a better use, nurture it, don’t limit it like this.
    Especially with the type of girl Maachan is, this is like a textbook bad move.

  7. Well how about that? Mgmt lets all the girls write their own stuff, and merely corrects minor things. Yeah, I know. Sato is pissed, and I would be too, but for years I suspected worst than this: I thought Mgmt wrote all the blogs and the girls were contractually bound to just sign off on them.

    Now that I know the blogs are genuinely from our idols, I will start reading them again.

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