25 comments on “If Kanatomo was a convenience store clerk & if you were on a date with Kanatomo

        • That’s my theory too… the reason Kanatomo wasn’t discovered until now was that Yuukarin could no longer contain the darkness in her heart and she morphed into Kanatomo after she quit HP…. it makes sense!!!

  1. What made her have this image of “devil”? xD
    Sorry I’ve been a bad fan and didn’t follow J=J that properly :s

    • She plays pranks, punches, or forehead flicks the other members. She took everyone’s umeboshi, even the H!P Kenshuusei’s. She pinches Sayubee’s cheeks. She also ignores the other members squabbling, instead of intervening to help resolve it.

  2. “135: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/02/02(日) 18:20:54.59 ID:0
    If you tried to buy tickets to anything except a Fairies concert, she’d hit you.”

    I just thought if Kanatomo was a member of fairies she’d enjoy flicking Miki’s forehead.

    • I thought that was awesome too.

      Forget “Rose Quartz”. Her name should be Tomoko “Fuck Your Chopsticks” Kanazawa.

    • Me: *buys spaghetti*
      Kanatomo: *gives chopsticks*
      Me: Are there no forks left?
      Kanatomo: fuck your fork
      Me: *cries while eating spaghetti using chopsticks

  3. Judging by these threads, I think these wotas have some experience being treated badly by women.

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  5. These Devil Kanaotomo threads have become my favorites having surpassed the “Poor Daiishi’ and Maa-chan Madness threads….Her devil image is so frickin hilarious cause its true, other members constantly rat her out for the evil things she does lmao

  6. If Kanatomo was my date or if she worked at combini, things would get exciting rather quickly. With the crazy amount of things mixed in my blood, I’m basically a dragon.

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