10 comments on “Ozeki Mai fulfills her dream of the past 15 years; goes on a date with her dad

  1. It seems all my favorite idols have interesting relationships with their fathers. Mai has always been my favorite Country Girls member. And then there’s Meimei with her dad-bathing at 15.
    Makes me feel like a creepy old (late-30s) man more than it reflects negatively at all on them.

  2. I don’t get this business about coming to dislike your dad once you hit your teen years. Neither my younger sister or myself experienced that. Good for Mai for having nice relationships with her parents.

  3. >> I don’t know, maybe I’ve just become exposed to too much of the whole “masculinity so fragile” and “bathe in male tears” and “kill all men” stuff, but isn’t this kind of thing just so refreshing to see in this day and age?

    The solution is easy. Don’t use the internet. Don’t go outside. Stop listening to Jordan Peterson. :D

    Oh, and this was a fun thread to read. :)

    • Hehe. No no, Jordan Peterson is a great antidote for that kind of thing — especially if one finds themselves in the unfortunate position of personally being the one saying that stuff. That man (along with threads like this) is what keeps me sane.

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