11 comments on “Wada Sakurako misses last train on New Year’s, calls her dad in tears

  1. so a 15 year old after an excausting day of work is left to return to her home, alone, probably half asleep on the train.
    phonecall to dad, dad either doesnt own a car or doesnt want to bother…
    “just get the midnight train”

    too weird for me

  2. I’m 24 and I think I’d cry if I missed the last train.

    That being said, that picture of Sakurako is really cute.

  3. That’s how safe japan must be. If she lives here she’d have a lot of reason to cry. If I was the dad I’d be overly panic too.

  4. I kind of would be the dad who would be good or evil in this situation lol.. On one point its a good learning experience for her to fend for herself and learn how to sort out her own problems… Kids need failures and hurdles to become strong and independent in the future….. On the other hand i’m the type that would also tell her to sit put and come get her instantly no matter how far it is. Cant have my daughter alone in the big city, daddy to the rescue lol…. Guess it just depends on my mood and the severity of the situation

  5. I’ve always called Dad too on such occasions… but he would have gone full panic mode just like #5 said. He’ll go there immediately to pick me up even though it’s impossible, even making it harder for both of us. Like he’ll walk or run all the way if there’s no other train, and it doesn’t help that he barely thinks when in panic. So instead finding me crying, I’ll be fuming and mad by the time he reaches me.

    That being said, I love my old man. I wish he thinks about himself too at such moments. I even more panic when he goes reckless like that when I call him lol

  6. If she was in England she would NOT ride a night train. Even if it was 1 in the morning ide tell her to stay somewhere safe and drive over personaly. Even if i had been working a back breaking 10 hour day and had just got into bed a night train is just not an option for a young girl on her own.

  7. Came here to read something about Sako bc she just came to mind and I miss her. Then the only article is this one about her dad helping her out, and it just makes me miss my dad too. He would’ve been 65 today. Miss you, dad ❤️

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