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  1. hahaha, I after I read Sayashi’s “I fell asleep in the bathtub” blog post I was surprised there wasn’t more upheaval about it. This makes me happy.

  2. “There are some states in America where this would get the dad arrested.”

    Yeah, fifty of them.

  3. Yeah, Riho’s blogs have been different as of late, even pondering an image change, and people have been calling it “Sayuloss.”

    But the main point here is how many H!P girls shower with their dads. That would be really weird here.

  4. 11. 名無しさん@ハロプロキャンバス 2015年02月06日 18:42 ID:OZ2s0BYM0
    There are some states in America where this would get the dad arrested.

    This fellow is absolutely right. There are some states, about 50 I believe.

  5. “my entire body was so wrinkly I was worried it’d still be like that for today’s concert… but somehow my body managed to return to its original form before then!”

    Riho’s made of memory foam. That’s unique.

  6. >>39
    > Rihoriho’s a girl that can fall asleep anywhere.
    Another one with that ability? I want to see a randomly falling asleep contest between her and Airi then.

  7. I think the big difference between Maro and Sayashi is that Maro while Maro is attention-seeking, it’s more of a professional attention seeking; there’s a part of her that doesn’t really care if she’s close to anyone, even her group mates… RihoRiho is attention-seeking because she really wants to get close to someone but there seems to be a barrier preventing her from getting close to others, thus why it seems she’s always lonely.

    • Rihoriho is lonely, no more Sayu, Mizuki and Ayumi are too busy, Kanon is out and MaaDuu are taking care of the new girls.

    • I think this is the case too. She’s not trying to attention seek for any truly selfish gain, she just needs somebody to spoil her a bit and Sayu’s not around anymore.

    • Seriously I can’t believe these stupid comments in these types of posts saying “I want to be x member’s dad/brother”, honestly what the fuck? If you were her dad or her brother and you were thinking this you’d be pretty much committing incest you morons!!! The girls’ family members probably don’t have lewd thoughts when bathing with them but you on the other hand are disgusting strangers sexualizing something like family quality time.

  8. 109: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/02/06(金) 16:12:11.31 0.net
    I want to switch places with Meimei even for just a day.

    He could just bathe with his dad like when he was a kid and he’d be happy again. AHAHAHA!

    • Nah, he meant he want to trade place with Meimei so he can watch Maro changes her clothes in between photo sessions/ concert.

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  10. That’s odd… I get that different cultures do different things but that’s just so weird. We stop bathing with our parents when we’re really young here in Britain. Around the time we start school or so.

    Don’t do that RihoRiho!!! That’s really dangerous!!!

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