13 comments on “I will solve all your life problems using nothing but pictures of Nakajima Takui

  1. No one gives a single shit about this guy, but then he writes a song and everyone’s on his dick. Speaks volumes of this fandom I’d say.

    • A subset of fans did care about him before he wrote the song, thanks to the exposure he was getting through appearances with LovendoR and the Up-Front internet shows.

      But yes, his dick is now occupied.

    • Speak for yourself, I’ve been his fan for years and I was ecstatic when he composed Mano-chan’s My Days For You. I had been waiting for him to work for H!P for quite some time. To me, Taiki Bansei is one of the better H!P songs of this era.
      I am aware that -unlike myself- most H!P fans knew very little about him before MDFY, but what’s wrong with discovering a great artist in this way? What exactly does this say about the fandom? I’d like to know. ;)

  2. Given the day and the night I’ve had, and the fact that I’ve loved Takui since like, forever (Triangular, yo!) this made it so much better. Positively and completely. I was already listening to his music, but this was the icing on the cake. :) Thank you!

  3. Haha where did you get that tsunku gif. Yesterday, i was thinking of plan on kidnapping one of the bullies at my school and make him sleep. Then when he woke up, he’d find himself in front of a mirror looking at his face filled with permanent penis tattoos.

    • Made it myself a couple of years ago actually. It’d just been waiting for the perfect opportunity to come out since then. It’s a clip from the movie Sharan Q no Enka no Hanamichi.

  4. Somebody needs to make a Magic 8 Ball like device with this guy’s song lyrics. But it definitely needs to have the dramatic pictures included.

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