22 comments on “Sayashi Riho: “I’m turning into more and more of a perverted old man.” (+1)

  1. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Riho more than I already do

  2. Dont just say it you are pervert, Prove it Riho!!

    Ps. Done with the dropbox thing, please keep the sites running

  3. 94: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/05/08(金) 16:26:23.62 0.net
    One of us! One of us!

    Is this guy referencing Todd Browning’s “Freaks?” They know about that in Japan?

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  5. Michishige really is a good teacher. She taught Riho well in the art to sell oneself.

  6. I hope this is just a stage she’s going through and RihoRiho hasn’t become a faggot.

  7. I must have caught the Michishige virus too. I also feel like turning more and more like a perverted old man.

    If I could only remember when Sayu kissed me…

  8. Dear comrade Riho, you can google Hello Project Sex Fantasies to express your erotic desires and sexual fantasies for our beloved Mizuki there. There are already a lot of us hentai oji-sans there who have already paid our “tributes” to your sexy, voluptuous leader by posting there. We appreciate her body as much as (if not possibly more than) you probably do right now. And our lust for her will only get stronger as her figure gets more voluptuous and her breasts grows bigger. Last but not least, Comrade, we would like to officially welCUM you into the Club.

    • The way you guys act.. I will not be surprised if some of the members in HP quit being an idol.. I wonder if Uta-chan father casually surf 2chan and found lewd stuff like these..

      • If what you said is true, Anon, then Uta’s father would’ve long known that part of being a J-idol is to put one’s daughter up as fap material / object of sexual fantasies of male and female fans alike. If that is the case, why did he allowed Uta to join anyway? I think he is either naive about the reality of the idol industry or he MUST’VE supported his daughter joining H!P KNOWING FULL WELL what to expect from the 2ch and perverted wotas like us.

    • Honestly…the things on that tumblr sound like they are taken from some hentai rape manga. It’s one thing to have sexual fantasies about someone (hopefully in your age group), but another if nearly all of them are about demeaning someone as a human being. That’s not about having a fetish, that’s not about having sex, that’s about feeling so small yourself that you need the person you are projecting your fantasies on being even lower.
      Honestly that tumblr was an embarrasing read.

  9. This guy hit the point tho:

    5: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/05/08(金) 14:41:09.60 0.net
    Even her figure has been getting closer to that of an old man as of late.

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