30 comments on “At last! Michishige Sayumi has her way with Sayashi Riho’s lips at Yokohama Arena! (+Sayu picspam)

      • Lol nah, I already have the lowest rated comment in the unpopular opinions thread. That comment will def be the lowest rated of this thread though

        • Always love a challenge anyway. Let’s make it the most unpopular comment EVER!! The Sayuverse will not forgive us if we let that guy get away with it (only Sayu is allowed to get away with crimes).

      • I got curious, so I checked and that comment is already the lowest rated comment on the site. Didn’t take you guys long.

    •    ____∧∧  / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
       ~’ ____(,,゚Д゚)< 逝ってよし!  
         UU    U U   \________

      My apologies for feeding it. I couldn’t help it.

  1. It was her last chance, I would have been disappointed if she didnt go for it. I’m happy she finally got her last victim Riho, she got Aichan before she left and Aichan was a much harder target lol. Besides, we all know Riho secretly likes that affection, she has fully adopted the Sayu pervert character so its just like a kiss from master to student.

    Anyways, Congrats Sayu… One of the greatest Idols that has ever lived. Have a great break but make sure you come back to us

  2. Good job, Sayumin! (now just watch riho trying the same on fukuchan in a few years…)

    Nice collection of pictures, Henkka! Sayu is unbeatable in the kawaii championship ^_^

    • [[! (now just watch riho trying the same on fukuchan in a few years…)]]

      A few years? Considering how much she was fangirling over Fukuchan’s photobook, Riho’s probably already doing it now.

  3. Sayumi will beat the rap. Since Riho is 16 Sayumi can say that Riho’s parents gave her permission before hand to kiss their daughter.

  4. i really do wish Riho will take over such practice from sayu, with mizuki as the new target. Momusu concerts then would still be as much fun as platinum’s was, so much random things going on other than dancing :D


    Farewell, Sayumi!

    I just would have wished for her final concert to be wholly wonderful and without injuries… but at least she got Rihoriho’s lips.


    • Regarding some of those pictures, I forgot to say that for me Chayu iswas definitely the #1 idol not to play a game of chicken against.

      CHAYUUUU! ;_;

    • Ya, I thought she collapsed from being sad, excited, or something. Like how Chinami needs to sit down when she starts getting excited. Wasn’t until after the concert that I heard she injured her leg/foot/something. She still pushed on though, even walking around the venue.

      True idol!

      • > True idol!

        Now, please excuse the long winded post below, but I just have to put this somewhere.

        They tried pretty hard to hide it at first. When Sayumin was hurt, the other members rushed in front of her and completely covered her up while staff changed her boots for sneakers. Afterwards, she tried to recover, sitting on the stairs and later tried to dance again while keeping one of her legs mostly still, but it was probably terribly painful, so, from how I see it, she broke into tears from pain and thinking her last concert would be cut short, because she couldn’t keep going, and announced Be Alive as their last song.

        That must have felt completely terrible for her, even on top of the pain. Just remembering her face at that moment nearly tears my heart apart. I will also always wonder if Be Alive was meant to be their actual last song, but she, thinking she couldn’t go on, pulled it forward and everybody went along with it. It’s a very beautiful song after all and would have worked really well for the finale in my opinion.

        After the first break after she got hurt, during Mikaeri Bijin, she seemed to be kind of out of it and very shaky. I actually wondered if she had received some pain killer so that she could continue and had become kind of dizzy from it. It might have just been the pain and emotional turmoil though.

        After that, there was another break and we see her kneeling on the stage for a short moment, asking everybody to give her a little more time before the lights go out again.

        While she received the messages from the members, she still seemed similar to how she was during Mikaeri Bijin to me, and at one point couldn’t stand any longer, necessitating another break, but she refused to sit on the chair they had set out for her and wanted to accept the member’s feelings properly.

        For the last part, she seemed to be pretty much to her regular self, which filled me with relief, but, especially while walking, the pain seemed to show through her smile a few times. Her leg must have hurt like crazy, but she still brought us a beautiful end for the concert.

        Tsunku was right though. While I would have wished for her last concert to go off without a hitch, this way it certainly became an important memory—and one I will never ever forget. If only I could have watched it in person…

        Oh Sayumi, perfect legend, please live a wonderful and long life from now on.

  6. Henkka, great job on the tribute!
    Excellent pic choices.
    As I began to scroll, I wondered if it would go on and on and it did!

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  8. I’m honestly not sure how to feel about it. Part of me is happy it finally happened, but the other half of my mind just feels a bit funny.

  9. Hated seeing Sayu in pain like that, but the way she pulled through it was amazing. MM fans will talk about this concert for years because of it.

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