37 comments on “Sasaki Rikako is a through-and-through metalhead

    • What with all the thumbs down? I agree with you. Led Zep, Motley, ACDC, those guys can write and play seriously good stuff. But Kiss is just a burlesque show with noise.

    • i agree. fuck KISS. also their band members are giant jerks who want to jail spotify and everything.

      also isn’t slayer consider deathmetal??

  1. Rikako already headbangs – that girl has so much energy I’ve often worried her neck was going to snap in the middle of a performance.

  2. So that’s why she bought these Sony MDR headphones that leak sound a few days ago.

    Please spread the gospel of metal…

      • Yeah, they’re mostly just run of the mill jpop but with heavy instruments. I’d say most H!P songs, from a composition perspective at least, are much closer to metal than stuff like Babymetal. I mean stuff like Taiki Bansei or The Future, if you took those songs and stuck them in the middle of some power metal band’s setlist, they wouldn’t sound at all out of place. Probably why I ended up listening to H!P so much.

      • From a composition perspective babymetal’s song are actually really good metal songs, wether or not you like all the “gimmmicks” around it.

        • The gimmicks make it impossible to take them seriously. I gave them a fair listen, but found it too damn cheesy and cliched that it’s ever so slightly embarrassing.

          • That is clearly either too early for it’s time or just too damn messy :p
            I don’t have any problem with anyone not liking it as it’s clearly really particular.
            I do personally love this strange combination and find it quite refreshing too see all those metal cliché and idol antics at the same.

            At the other anonymous poster: What’s a “Jpop format ?” for a song ? i’m curious. Especially regarding the VERY VERY wide range of songs in babymetal album, with each song almost unique in it’s own (and some better than others)

  3. How could a group who’s name means “Angel’s Tears” and releases a song called “A Maiden’s Counterattack” not be metal?

    I would like to see ANGERME cover Bohemian Rhapsody.

  4. Well, Rikako said “rock shirts” – she knows her stuff! No reason to argue if it’s rock or metal :O

  5. >218- “Priest, America, Scorpions, Mötley, Michael Schenker, Rainbow”

    America? All these years I was a metalhead and didn’t even know it!

  6. Just gotta give the Japanese wota’s a big applause for using a Graspop promotion cause it’s in my country (woop woop)

  7. Really appreciated to her dad that influenced her. Beside of her beauty, Rikako is pretty boy-ish i think, not too often show her girly side like Maro or Ayacho, even compare to Kudo.

    • You’ll just have to keep going everywhere shirtless then.

      It’s tough being poor. I’m glad I have a few shirts at least.

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