11 comments on “2ch tries to translate “Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru” into English

  1. I get >52, haha.

    Another great thread. I still can’t believe that they just left Samidare untranslated in the official video. Not even an asterisk in the description saying what it meant or anything.

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  3. So what does Samidare mean, pretty much? Something about raining in may? I’m always interested to see songs names in as correctly translated since there are still lots of H!P songs that are left untranslated, at least the names are.
    Or maybe I should go with that Rambo II Part III: Raining Blood or whatever it was :)

  4. I was listening to Samidare and I suddenly thought –

    May Rain May Make Girls Crazy!! That’s a terrible song title but it preserves the terrible pun lol

    I liked the suggestion “(crazy girls are) singing in the rain”, at least that’s a real-sounding song name lol

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