22 comments on “Meet the latest mentally deranged addition to Morning Musume: Ogata Haruna

  1. I like this girl so much, she’s a mix of Riho and Aari, Maachan craziness (I think), Fukuchan white as snow skin (and hopefully as sexy as her in the future) all of them I love.
    She’s definitely my fave on 12ki by a mile and even if she sucks at singing my choice will not change anymore.

  2. > 絶滅変仔少女ぱるな (Zetsumetsu Henko Shoujo Haruna)
    It’s “Paruna”, right? Destruction Strange Young Girl Paruna… Oh dear.

    Well, she did give editing videos as a hobby, so, in a way I’m not surprised.

    …I am, once more, amazed. An interesting person has appeared, huh?

    > Sayashi Riho and Ogata Haruna look way too similar!
    They actually do.

  3. This is not funny. I really don’t care for MM so when I saw the 12th gen announcement video I said to myself, “This Ogata is the prettiest.” and that was the end of that. I saw these pictures before, thinking they were a different 12th gen member because these look nothing like her so I didn’t really care, outside of thinking “Great, another “funny” member like Kanon”. My point is, 12th gens a failure, MM will never dig themselves out of this shit hole, and I dislike Ogata the most out of the 12th gen. Yes I’m that shallow, fight me about it.

  4. well, this was a short hiatus….. hope we get more translations about the new members soon!

    Eh, not that really into Haruna yet but I like the hidden side of her… hope the office tries to do something with it unlike Maa-chan who they just keep off TV.

  5. Welcome back, Henkka!

    And I think “Ha-chan” is the cutest of 12th gen although Makino and Haga-chan come in close 2nd. I hope she’s as crazy in the group as she is in Twitter!

  6. 460: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/10/01(水) 10:25:06.72 0.net
    Yuukarin…? Is that you, Yuukarin…?!

    that guy gave me a ROFL :))

    • Never rofl about another man’s feeling to Yuukarin.. Never… The wound might heal but the scar will forever be a reminder..

  7. Hehehehe ogata is hilarious her pics made my day lol altought i don’t want her to surpass the original funny kanon but well who says can’t we have 2 very funny girls? ;) i love her already

    i think that she’s pretty but the prettiest of 12ki, no. the cutest is maria, my actual oshi of this generation.

    riho and ogata surely look similar! jaja

    my first time comment here lalalala :D

  8. Haruna x Haruna hengao contest, now.

    Iikubo mentioned she’d like a double-Haruna duet, but after seeing these pics, having the two of them do funny faces would be good too, as Iikubo’s can be quite something as well.

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