5 comments on “What do the Hello! Project arrangers actually do?

  1. That was so interesting! I was also wondering about this… Guess I can compose but not arrange lol

  2. Very good points made.
    Personally, the reason why I mostly dislike MM’s discography for the last 2-3 years was because the arranger didn’t do a good job. Okubo Kaoru has some good moments (Kanashiki Amefuri, Ijiwaru Shinaide, Ai no Gundan), but I hate 90% of his arrangement (especially the whole Updated album).

    Really depends on your own likings, though. I like DANCEMAN because he’s got that disco-ish, funky feel going. Okubo is better with harsh, contrasting sounds, like EDM.

  3. It’s interesting. Music is one thing I’ve grown curious of when I got into H!P. Well, who can’t? When the producer is astoundingly involved in creating it and the results are often watched out (even criticized lol) for. Apart from that, it’s amazing too how much I learn.

    Thank you for this!

  4. it’s interesting to read this… as a musician myself I have to say, that every composer and arranger is different… when I arrange my band members’ ideas I exactly know, what they want because I’ve known them for several years… but every member thinks differently and it’s always teamwork to get a good piece of music…

    H!P has so many talented musicians and arrangers… there was a time when I didn’t like the arrangements but the ideas of the songs… ai no gundan is a great example… I like the song but it could have been so much better… but now they seem to have a good understanding of what the composers want… Kobushi’s music is so well written! the new Momusu songs are just perfect! boogie woogie love? a masterpiece!

    but I guess we have to thank the musicians for the latest boost in quality, too… especially the Bassists and Pianists are really talented… I really enjoyed the last 3 episodes of upcoming on YouTube ^^ watch it, if you haven’t!

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