6 comments on “What’s the point of wearing wota T-shirts at concerts?

  1. Well, the girls actually do notice the T-shirts that fans wear.
    Note that this may not be a good thing. Observe:

    Nakanishi: You don’t really mind when people switch oshimen, do you?
    Nakajima: I don’t.
    Hagiwara: I don’t mind, but when there’s someone who tells me ‘I’m only for MaiMai’ at a handshake event, and then appears at a Hello! Con wearing a different T-shirt, I’m like ‘So you’re not only for MaiMai!’

    Topic: Awkward situations
    Airi: I worried about a fan who suddenly stopped coming to concerts, wondering if they were unwell. But at this year’s Hello! Con, I saw them wearing an aqua T-shirt. I was like, ‘Ah, looks like they’re doing well’. It got awkward when our eyes met, so at the next Hello! Con, they had an old Suu-san towel draped around their neck.

    Source: http://blog.livedoor.jp/morning77/archives/47688013.html

    • > Airi: I worried about a fan who suddenly stopped coming to concerts, wondering if they were unwell.

      That’s quite touching, actually.

  2. Hagiwara is that way. Like a jealous lover. Or so the wota report.
    That guy wearing his in that company bbq got ultra gossiped when he tirnef his back on them.
    If its not cool looking and the right colour, i couldnt see me wearing it, public or private.
    “Supporting” is one thing. Losing all selfrespect while sipporting is another.

  3. Personally I want my oshi to see that I’m especially her supporter. I have more than one girl that I like, but I usually have one favourite, so I like to make them feel loved. Like with glowsticks, actually.

    I guess among wota it’s usually more impressive if you collect photos, but shirts are pretty cool too (and more handy). Then again, the Cool Hello shirts look ugly.

  4. I take pride in my shirts and will gladly rock them to concerts… Wearing them outside of a concert on the other hand might be impossible lol… Its like i dont feel like explaining over and over again to everyone what this t shirt is for or what it means then having to jusity why i listen to and support heavily these female japanese groups lol. Not worth the trouble when im not around the right crowd

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