9 comments on “Behold! The luxurious 1000 yen Hello! Project Curry!

  1. I remember that video where Funaki sells crappy phone holder. I wonder if the people who bought it still have it.

  2. yeah i was frequenting this forum a year back.
    i only came here to say to henkka stop beating me in mini guns, i hate it.
    this is tengu77. you beat me last night.
    i m gonna get you dude.
    in game.
    thats all.

  3. I don’t know how well I’d be able to resist H!P members peddling their wares. Maybe not to the tune of 55 boxes, but…
    I’ve been to a lot of underground idol shows here in Tokyo recently, and even they’re tough to pass up. Either the girls are popular and you want in, or they’re sad and lonely and you want to cheer them up.

  4. 17: 名無し募集中。。。 2017/10/10(火) 17:51:43.82 0.net
    And then you have the great saleswoman Yanagawa who made some wota buy 55 packs of this.

    LMAO, i cant stop laughing at this… Shes gonna be a dangerous one in the future

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