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  1. I remember when MoMusu and the OG were guests at Utaban and Yossy came of age. Taka-san asked Yossy what she had drank. Bossy said she has drank Maternity. LOLwat. Taka-san asked if she meant Martini haha

  2. I always found the zeal at which Riho gulps her ciders a little bit suspicious.

    … Drunken Kame. Oh dear. I don’t really even drink anymore but that would reignite my interest.

    • That would be like a dream come true if I ever magically ran into Kamei at a bar and had a few drinks with her… I could die a happy man that day

  3. “54. That story about Gaki-san is slightly wrong. It was Yoshizawa and Gaki’s mom who kept drinking all the way to the morning. The next day, the cute Gaki-san was asking them if she’d been saying something weird the night before.”

    If I remember correctly the funniest part of this story was that Gaki had picked up Yossie from soccer practice and Yossie went the whole night drinking and then socializing with Gaki’s mom dressed in her soccer uniform.

    • I’ve heard another Gaki + Yossie drinking story. They went to drink just the two of them in Yokohama, and Gaki, trying to keep up with Yossie, got so drunk Yossie had to escort her back home. On the way, Gaki was blabbing crazy things.

      I suspect Reina doesn’t care for cheap awamori, but if you offer her Romanee-Conti, she will finish the whole bottle (minimum $5000 a piece!).

      As for the juniors, they already all drink (how do you think Sayu tricks them, huh?).

  4. Tanaka is a smoker? Damn. I hope that pack of cigars in the pic was someone else’s, like her friend or relative. Based on the angle, it’s next to another plate which was not in front of her, and evidently, she’s not alone there eating.

    • both reins and sayu probably smoke and drink.but never talk about so as to preserve their pure idol image. as for sayu’s stained teeth, it could have easily came from drinking too much starbucks coffee.

      • I highly doubt Sayu is a smoker. Drinker, yes–might’ve been alcoholic actually. As for teeth, it’s ever been like that since she’s 13.

    • ^x3 I was so dumb for not noticing that in the second pic, the person across her had opened the pack of cigar. Yay for Reina.

  5. looks like most them don’t or won’t admit to smoking ever since the kago scandal. i heard most japanese adults and teens are actually chain smokers? i dunno how they can afford the habit. japan has the most expensive cigarettes in the world?

      • My japanese girl pal wants to be smoke at in her face. Fuckin weird, yet I like to bang her for she’s idolish.

    • You’ve probably heard wrong. But there does seem to be a lot of smokers in Japan. And from experience, cigarettes in Japan are cheap, maybe not as cheap as in the US, but less than half the price of cigarettes in the UK at the time I visited.

  6. I think Henkka posted a link once to show where Nacchi spent the night in an apartment with some guy and they got super drunk. It wasn’t translated, but it was fun seeing her drunk anyway.

  7. Yossie drinks so much to forget her feelings for Rika-chan.

    That’s actually really sad…

  8. As a person who drinks alot, i would love to have a drink off against some of Morning Musumes finest…. I would crush the GakiKame duo but would be curious as to where the top 4 of Nakazawa, Kemeko, Charmy and Yossie would finally admit defeat :) Yossie sounds like she would be the biggest problem cause even i dont really mess with Tequila all that much

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  10. #103 When did that happen? lol
    #225 Ummm… Why is there a freaking snake in that drink? O_o

    I see that Chisa’s becoming quite the heavy drinker.

  11. maybe i can see a potential drinker in Yuko, Ayappe, Gocchan, Ishi-Yossie, & Gaki.. What surprising me is Kamei-chan the most.. About Smoker-type, beside Aibon (whose scandal was very famous back then), i think Ayappe (Ishiguro) & Gocchan are probably smoker too.

  12. I can really picture it in my mind of Kaedy getting drunk in the bathtub, or kotatsu, bedroom, or even in the onsen! lol!!! =D

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