12 comments on “Fuku-chan’s enormous booooooooobs!!!

  1. Mizuki is really pretty and sexy, too. Her body is gorgeous. :O

    However, that comment about “Why didn’t she do this in Junior High?” is just creepy. That’s one thing I hate about MM fandom: I would consider many of the fans as seriously pedophile. And UFA is just feeding them. But who has to live with it? The girls.

    Anyway, thanks for translating!

  2. dang, I hope the public won’t only focus on her healthy figure. Okay, she has an incredible body and very cute face, now let’s go to her skills as an idol (don’t laugh, some idols are very skilled :P)
    I hope she strives to improve at having entertaining conversations during interviews, becoming a more forward member and not some body and face in the background.
    but also she comes from a line of MM’s most sexy/cute idols, Ishikawa Rika and Michishige Sayumi, I guess she has to keep that line alive.

    • @Mike so not entirely true, I have a strange attraction to the younger ones also and i’m a 20 year old girl >////>

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    • I didn’t think that one really needed a translation. It’s more of the “a picture is worth a thousand words” kind of deal. :)

  4. @Hiromi That’s the bottom line about Japanese idolism. Need I say U-16 gravure? Although things seem to be changing with female fans growing in numbers. Still I agree with Henkka’s decision to translate this. Even if he did just for the pics :-))))

  5. I thought Pedos are the ppl who like >12 year olds MM isnt MM too old for these ?
    Someone said to me Mizuki fans are lolicons ww

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