9 comments on “Take-chan is growing more and more beautiful by the day

  1. My take on Take-mania:

    About a year ago Akari was still in her shell, concentrating on being a good idol and viewing taking endless kissy kissy love love pictures with fellow H!P idols as gross (unless it was with fellow gen 4 H!P Egg Fukumura Mizuki).

    But then she was promoted to ANGERME co-subleader and Ayacho had to sit her down for the talk: “Your job now is to make your kouhai’s more popular by any means necessary and thinking that this is gross is NOT an excuse.” After that she started being in blog two shots around 10 times a week with anyone she knew.

    Fortunately a LOT of her Kouhai’s wanted to be noticed by Takeuchi-senpai (Rikako, Muruta, Maho, Chisaki, Yamaki Risa, Karin, Maria, Rei, Rio, and Minami) and a lot of these girls have been giving Akari fashion tips, which kind of explains her growing her hair out and upgrading her makeup skills (“no more fixing your make up with saliva!”)

    The only downside to this is dealing with her stalker from back in her Shin Mini Moni days: Miyamoto Karin. Do your best Oden!

  2. 108: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/12/08(木) 18:33:52.93 0.net
    At this point, it’s like 2nd gen have become the “lookers” of the group.

    As somebody who has been supporting 2nd gen since I found S/mileage this makes me very happy.

  3. Takechan is far from unattractive and is super cute, but I don’t see this blossoming beauty that others seem to :x She just… doesn’t look like she’s changed that drasticaly, nor is she really any cuter than some of the other H!P girls? But to each their own.

  4. Shes always been cute especially when she was still an egg but i agree she has been evolving from cute to pretty as of late… That last pic of her in this thread is to me the cutest, i love long hair take-chan

    As for the group she still middle of the pack cause Angerme is just unnecessarily pretty as a whole.. Ayacho is gorgeous, Kanana takes the #2 spot followed by Rikako and Murotan… After those 4 its up for grabs for the rest of the members… Thats the way i see it at least, just my harmless opinion

  5. 171: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/12/08(木) 23:43:55.41 0.net
    Is this really Take-chan?
    She’s like, hyper ultimate cute here.

    Can we bring back long-hair Takechan please?

  6. I think she’s looked noticeably better since her hair has gotten darker. I wasn’t a big fan of the pumpkin orange hair she used to have.

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