19 comments on “Miyamoto Karin is impressed upon hearing Sato Masaki’s DTM compositions

  1. I hope one day, Maachan’s tune will be performed by Kyary Pamyu or Perfume lol. I think she is likely to graduate before those two.

  2. Since they let Karin perform her songs I have to assume Up-Front is quite alright with them being presented publicly, so I hope Masaki will want to let everyone listen to hers one day. I mean, how great would it be to have a bonus c/w track by Masaki or a Juice=Juice digital single produced in part by Karin?

    Pretty great.

  3. Wow, Pink Moment was quite the surprise. Some nice Tsunku-ish twists in the composition. Makes me almost fear that learning chord theory will dampen Karin’s creativity in that department.

  4. Is that the same girl who used to bring back snow for Hokkaido in her suitcase (spoiler alert: snow melts!)? Man, she has grown so much. Not just from girl to woman, but from bonkers to genius. I am genuinely impressed.

  5. I think the most amazing thing about this is she herself never gloats about it… Its always others praising how ridiculously talented she is at creating music… Like when she made the rhythm training CDs for the 12th gen in like 1 night, she didnt even want the managers to let the 12th gen know that she was the one that created them… She creates all this music that nobody will ever hear cause its for her own personal passion and not for fame or recognition… Somebody like this is destined to be great

  6. Pink Moment is really cute, Miyamoto is soooo talented! I still can’t believe I shook hands with this girl, she’s incredible.

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