14 comments on “H!P members say the darndest things about sexuality

  1. Its threads like these that reaffirm my choice to be an H!P fan above all else lol:)

    And Henkka lol, Maaleaks may also lead to the destruction of the idol industry itself lmao…. I see why they heavily monitor wut she says and ban her from speaking on live television

    • Say no to censorship!
      Jokes aside, it would spice things up a bit and make their variety show appearances a lot more interesting, instead of watching them trying to emphasize their “characters” over and over again.

  2. Each thread was funnier than the last :D

    Maachan, omg. I’d like to get Maachan in a room and just nonchalantly mention other H!P girls to see what she’d say about them…

  3. Do you know which RIHO-DELI it is that they’re talking about, or was that just a joke?

    • what I mean is she seems to be lying low recently. Oda even has more blog posts than she does.

  4. I’ve read that Maachan is getting extra singing lessons and that’s why she is laying low. He is just really busy behind the curtains… a new lead maybe?

  5. I cant seem to get enough maachan in my life recently…can someone help me fix this error?

  6. 26: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/02/15(土) 23:56:08.99 0
    What does this make Michishige-san?
    I dread to wonder XD

    I don’t know what is think of this. I mean that’s funny but I also wonder if RihoRiho is being full of herself again. I’m so confused lol

    Thank you Maa-chan, time to get the ol’ shipping goggles out lol
    K(ケー) ‏@fit_mugen
    Who on earth taught Maa-chan a word like that? (゚Д゚) #suspect:michishige
    You didn’t even need to ask, we all know the answer XD

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