26 comments on “Miyamoto Karin: “I love UK rock!”

  1. In addition to UK 90s rock and 80s idols, Karin-chan is also a big fan of the late River Phoenix.

    I suspect that when they were installing her software, they never bothered to refresh the pop culture bits, which were last updated in the early 90s.

  2. Hmm…Blur? Well they were sometimes okay. But find me an idol that likes Pulp and I’m on board. Find me an idol that likes songs about hiding in wardrobes watching someone have sex. ^^

    I wonder if there’s an idol that prefers Oasis? They could be Karin’s mortal enemy.

  3. Blur are literally my home town band (when Damon wasn’t pretending he was a cockney) my parents and his Dad worked in the same place.

    I wonder if Karin will ever want any tips on how to sing with a middle-class Essex accent? XD

    • I hope your high opinion of Miyamoto-san will not go down when you learn that Karin is embarrassingly obsessively in love with Takeuchi Akari.

        • That’s actually a pretty prevalent thing. However, I suspect it might also be because they were in Shin Mini Moni together and Karin looks up to Oden as a senpai from their time as H!P eggs.

          Too bad for Karin though that there is a long line of girls who are much better looking than her also trying to have Akari as their “ugly friend” including Fukumura Mizuki, Sasaki Rikako, Aikawa Maho, Murota Mizuki, Yamaki Risa, and Morito Chisaki.

          • All of the cute girls are friends with her. Cute girls love having ugly friends. You didn’t do a very good job proving me wrong if that’s what you’re trying to do.
            Also lol at Fuku and Maho being called “pretty”. You mean Fuku has a “pretty” big face or that Aiai is “pretty” plain, right?

            • I wasn’t trying to prove anything you said was wrong. However, Fukumura Mizuki and Aikawa Maho both get paid “pretty” big checks to model for magazines. Karin gets paid to voice act. Who do you think Oden (who gets paid to be a baseball analyst) would rather be with?

              • Aiai was in a magazine where she just talked about how monsters were cool. They didn’t take model like pictures of her. She was in that magazine as a gimmick of “girl who likes nerd stuff”.
                Nobody in their right mind likes Fuku for her face. She’s sexy but not pretty.
                I don’t give a shit who the ugly one wants to be with. She’ll pal around with anyone who can possibly give her some exposure, although it’s probably a better idea to stay hidden in her case.

  4. Thanks for admitting I won. I guess they took the reply button away to save you from further embarrassment.

    • Well, your ridiculous opinions aside, I do notice that you “lost” the reply button before me.

  5. “232: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/11/02(水) 00:10:01.00 0.net
    Weezer played at Summer Sonic this year. Karin-chan likes Weezer, too, doesn’t she?”

    It’s funny that they mention Weezer. They actually hired actresses to play Minimoni in there video for the song “Pork and Beans”. I heard that they tried to hire the real Minimoni but couldn’t. They should have just hired Shin Minimoni instead and then Karin could have been in it.

    If you’d like to see Fake Minimoni, they briefly appear at around 21 seconds in. https://youtu.be/PQHPYelqr0E

  6. Me too, karin! We’re soooo compatible!!! Although I loved Gorillaz’ funky shite more than Blur’s stuff.

  7. 130: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/11/01(火) 23:56:34.71 0.net
    Is there any clear difference between UK and US music?

    Some people just want to see the world burn.

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