14 comments on “Just how amazing was Kamei Eri?

  1. ou yeah my fav musume ever
    she’s just really amazing, at first I’m not really intrested in her but for unknown reason suddenly I became her fan
    everything about her is cute,her “aho”ness really work well as her charm
    she’s just so adorable,and I really like how she’s as slow as her name [kame=turtle]

    to sum up she’s just aho-kawaii

  2. I always thought everything was amazing about her. She was really under rated. I loved her super quirky sense of humor. People thought she was air headed, but her sense of humor was just weird.

    She was also incredibly cute and beautiful, and had those sexy “crush you with love” kind of thighs.

  3. Think i almost cried reading this thread… Thank u henkka, best post ever…Im gonna rant a bit

    Kamei Eri was the greatest idol that has ever lived, she transcended to a level where her amazingness couldnt even be comprehended anymore… She wasnt the best at anything yet she was great at everything, no other idol could be as all around amazing as she was… She was a complete slob, idiotic, airheadish, had no real will power to do anything and did everything with a half assed go with the flow mentality even to the point of wearing mismatched socks with holes in them because she was too lazy to match them or buy new ones… Yet SHE WAS THE FUNNIEST IDOL I HAVE EVER SEEN, absolutely gorgeous, amazingly skilled at dancing, and had arguably the 3rd best voice of her Momusu era behind Ai-chan and Linlin…

    You know your something legendary when the current #1 idol in japan Sashihara Rino worships you like a god… She talks about Kamei on a regular basis and even to this day watches old Kamei Dvd’s and concerts… Fans to this day still pray for her return to the idol world even if its a one day only thing… We all secretly hope that on Shige samas graduation concert we here the Ookii Hitomi music play and get to see our goddess once again cause that realistically is the only chance we have at seeing her on stage again

  4. Eri s2

    “I liked the photobook from when she was 17. Wasn’t it on that bonus DVD where there was a foreigner who made her get all embarrassed by saying “you are so cute“?”

    Where can I see this?


  5. kamei is very different.. she was very kind and honest..she is kinda ‘stupid’ because she is kamei..she didn’t become other person..she come to entertainment world with that image..and thats why i still respect and miss her until now and hope i can get more news about her..i don’t know what me like her so much..maybe because she is DIFFERENT..she is natural…i didn’t found any japanese idol that i really respect except she and aragaki yui..miss her so much..i love the way she become herself..

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