15 comments on “Wota: “Maa-chan, if I write you a letter will you read it?” Maa-chan: “Nope!”

  1. when I shook hands with Maachan, she happily grabbed both my hands and greeted me in English; I honestly didn’t know her that well, so I just asked “kyou mo genki?” (pretty lame) and she dropped my hands and threw hers into the air and screamed “genki YEAH”. So I made a weird hand gesture back at her and said “yeah!”. We just made goofy gestures at each other with our hands for the remaining 2 or so seconds before time was up.

    • Haha. Thanks for sharing that episode. I don’t think what you said was lame, I bet she was happy you made the effort of saying something in Japanese. I hope she at least climbed a couple of spots higher in your member ranking. :)

      • She did! It was one of the funnest handshakes I’ve ever had, hahaha. I had gotten her ticket by chance that time, but since then I’ve always made an extra effort to see her at least once. She’s a blast.

  2. She is seriously the best thing to ever happen to the group. Nay, to the world!

  3. wow, Tsunku was right. Maa-chan sounds like Kago and Tsuji when they were that age.

  4. I know this is off topic but I like to make a request if I could. Is there much discussion online about Mari Yaguchi’s reported infidelity? I love to know what wota are saying about it.

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  6. I can confirm that cause twice time at handshake she doesn’t look me, she prefer discuss with her neighbors.

    but I’m not really care about that, she’s not my oshimen.

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