Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book


“September 14, 1997 — Morning Musume is born.
Now, 20 years later…
It’s time to find out the real story.”

Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book,” published in June 2018, is a book commemorating and celebrating 20 years of Morning Musume history. It features interviews with 31 of the group’s total of 41 members (as of 2018), as well as their producer, Tsunku♂.

How was a national idol group born, and how is it now welcoming its 20th year? Tsunku♂ and the group’s members, both past and present, talk about the light and the dark of the idol world. Their feelings of the past, stories they can only share now, the members’ individual memorable experiences, their varying forms of love towards Morning Musume… and the future of the group.

The definitive Morning Musume interview collection. A must-read for all fans.


Note: If you like the book, do consider buying it.

3 comments on “Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book

  1. This is my next translation project: the Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book!

    I originally bought this book only for the sake of the Tsunku♂ interview, but even in just briefly skimming through some of the rest of the book I soon realized that the Tsunku♂ bit wasn’t the only great thing about it: I discovered that what we have here are some of the best Hello! Project member interviews ever published. Thus, I’ve decided that it needs to be translated. All of it.

    This will be a massive undertaking — I estimate that in English it’s going to be around 150,000 words long. This one might really be the one that kills me. But goddammit, I’m gonna try.

  2. you are the GOAT. thank you.

  3. thanks for your work

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