7 comments on “Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book Interviews: Ikuta Erina

  1. Namata Gets!
    ”Ikuta: To Tsunku♂, it’s not about whether someone is a good singer or not. He’s able to detect when a girl has something special about her. Even if you’re no good at dancing or singing, he’ll still notice the good in you. He doesn’t specifically tell you what it was about you that Morning Musume needed and why you were chosen… but he can see it, so you should just go with it.”

    The reason Eripon is my oshi is because I love her expressions. Whether it’s her being confident, silly or frankly, normal she always stands out to me. 8 long years keep up the good work Ikuta.

  2. I have been her fan ever since she first joined. The more I learn about her the more justified I feel in becoming attached.

  3. There are some members who say they’ve never spoken with Tsunku so I find it fun that she says she communicates with him often. That she has that link with him makes me like her even more.

  4. Thanks Henkka, Eripon was my original next gen Oshi so it was good to see some personal stories about her. I feel like Morning Musume or ever Hello Pro in general have members that aremostly made up of former fans that got to join the groups they idolized. Most of these girls arent just auditioning for a chance to be famous and use the groups as a stepping stone into stardom, they truly auditioned cause it was their dream to stand along side or be apart of the groups they loved so much. Thats what sets H!P apart from most other idol organizations, the level of devotion and love of its members tends to create a more exciting product that just resonates with the fans

    PS Ookii Hitomi is my favorite song too, tied with Namadachi and Toki Wo Koe Sora

  5. Not that I don’t appreciate the hard work that goes into translating these interviews, but any chance of getting some wota threads translated again soon? I feel like there’s been so much in H!P lately that I’d love to know the Japanese netizens’ reactions to (most predominantly the resurgence of Riho and W’s reunion! But also things like Ayaka’s graduation, LoVendoR basically dissolving, Maki’s resurgence and then scandal, etc.)! I don’t mean any disrespect, as I love your work in all its forms.

    • No disrespect taken. Yeah, I’ve been a little too focused solely on the interviews lately… I don’t want to still be translating “20th anniversary” stuff by the time the 27th anniversary or something rolls around. I intend to finish translating this book before the end of the year.

      With that said, I’m still always keeping my eyes on the threads and I’ll eventually get around to doing all the ones I was going to do. I’ll see if I can bang out a couple this month!

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