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  1. LOL, poor Yokorei, being compared to girls she’s never even met before. Not gonna lie though, I did they same thing early on with her, she had this Kamei look and vibe to her when she 1st started. I feel like her and Chii are going to be the ones who going to lead this group in the future, they both seem like they were born to be idols, like its their one true profession in life.

  2. Japan’s Winnie Cooper has done it again–effortlessly killed us with charm.

    Is it correct to conclude that half of MM’s current members have never met Tsunku?

    • Hm, not exactly, a lot of them have taken part in previous MM auditions and therefore met him there:

      Who has met Tsunku through an audition and a member of MM:
      Mizuki, Erina, Ayumi, Masaki, Sakura

      Who probably has met Tsunku through an audition:
      Maria, Akane, Kaede (11th gen audition)

      Who probably has not met Tsunku:
      Miki, Yokoyan, Chisaki

  3. “I do feel like it would be a good thing to have things like that sense of rivalry which we lack right now. It would light a fire in all of us. I definitely think it’s something very important. Having joined Morning Musume, I too have a desire to be in the front.”

    Yup, totally agreed. While I’m sure every girl, even back row members have that desire too, it doesn’t come out. Probably because of the strict senpai-kouhai hierarchy Yokoyan (and Miki) mentioned. I feel like if MM gets a generation like ANGERME’s 3rd gen it will kick some of the backrow members into gear. ANGERME’s 2nd gen became even more polished and cool after their kouhai joined.

    • Lazy idols should get a 1 month warning and if they don’t improve they should be fired immediately. Idols who become lazy because they finally made it into a group need to be kept on their toes.

  4. Man that prank was great heheh. Yokoyoko’s laugh and smile certainly affects me. My favorite from the 13 gen.

  5. Thank you for translating this.
    Yokoyan is really awesome. I hope she will know a huge success bc she deserves this.

    Can i use your traduction for my blog ? I would like to translate it into french, and I would put the link of your translation of course.
    Let me know asap :)

    • Go ahead.

      Although, weirdly enough, I was asked the same exact question on Twitter a couple of days ago — someone else wants to translate these into French, too. You might like to ask them if they want to collaborate or something. Or not.

  6. After seen this yesterday https://www.instagram.com/p/BvToI5-HOoD/

    I thought, oh my god Eri Kamei. I’m not sure why maybe her smile or the way she says “hai”.
    Very funny video.

    I searched the web to see if i was the only one thinking that and found:



    This combined version of Eri Kamei and Reina Yokoyama is very nice.

    This wota in translating confirm i’m not alone !

    I feel dumb seeing the ressemblance that late, and learning that was some king of pressure on Reina. Great reading.

    Sakura Oda was also compared to Ai Takahashi…

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