12 comments on “Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book Interviews: Nonaka Miki

  1. Personally I don’t see Nonaka as the link between MM and the international fandom – she’s too america-centric for that.
    I do believe that she’s doing her best though and that’s all that counts.

    • America is where the money is so that’s why they focus on it. I suspect they’re going to try to do Pandas pt.2 in the next few years because its an irresistible market.

  2. Love how in everyone’s interviews so far no matter what generation they’re from they always bring up Tsunku and just how influential and unique he was. Can’t think of any other producer who gets the sheer amount of praise from members past and present, fans and colleagues as much as Tsunku

    On another note, apparently Sayashi Riho is booked to make an appearance at this years Hina Fes in march. Aside from Kamei, she’s the member i’ve been most wanting to appear on stage again since their graduations

  3. I feel like I should pay more attention to her, but its not like she courts english speakers in general, like she doesnt blog in English or have english dvd magazines, or anything.

    The Japanese fans were baffled that she isnt more popular with foreign fans. So I kinda want to get more involved to spite those Japanese fans.

    I think I will go check out her blog and she what she is up to. I will properly look at Miki.

  4. It was a shame that they didn’t let Chel talk very much at NYC.
    One of the things that becomes apparent is the MM is a very cognitive group now. Everyone is always thinking very hard about how to proceed, with all of that history and legacy weighing on them, but also all of that history there for them to reference and rely on.

    You don’t get that with all idol groups, some of them are a lot more carefree and improvising.

  5. She is my current favorite. She is so sweet and well spoken also her voice and performance is great!! I wish she has more chance to use her English skills in social media and interact with international fans.

    Thanks for the translation

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