Hello! Project COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK,” “Hello! Project COMPLETE ALBUM BOOK,” and “Hello! Project COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK 20th Anniversary Edition” are a trio of books released in 2013, 2015, and 2018, respectively. These three tomes include a bunch of cool stuff for fans, including descriptions and songwriting/arranging credits for the songs, interviews with dance and vocal instructors, lists of famous people’s favorite tracks, and H!P-themed manga.

But in my personal opinion, as a long time fan of Hello! Project music, the real treasure of these books are the interviews with Tsunku♂, the arrangers, and just plain old fans who like to talk about the music of Hello! Project. These are the parts of the books I will be translating.

If you love the music of Hello! Project, then what you will find below is something that might strike you as bordering on sexually provocative. That is to say, you will probably enjoy it.

Interviews: Tsunku & Hello! Project Arrangers

Roundtable Discussions

= Hello! Project COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK 20th Anniversary Edition

Note: If you like these books, do consider buying them.

What I Didn’t Translate

Purely for informative purposes, listed below are the interviews that I didn’t translate.


  • Hoshibe Sho
  • Hyadain
  • Iijima Ken & Sumikama Tomohiro
  • Izutsu Himi
  • KAN
  • Kodama Ameko
  • Saeki Kenzo
  • Tsuno Maisa
  • Wada Shunsuke

Voice/Dance Instructors

  • Kinoshita Natsuko & Yamashira Yoko
  • Mitsubachi Maki
  • Natsu Mayumi
  • Sugiura Yoshimi
  • Ueno Mariko

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  1. Do it. We only live once.

  2. That’s a really cool project !!

  3. Thank you for translating!

  4. Amazing stuff man. It has made my week. :)

  5. Nice!

  6. Thank you!

  7. Not planning to do the Akirastar interview?

    • Probably not.

  8. Thank you for your service soldier, that country thanks you.

    As a fellow Tsuku whore, I can not get enough of the musical process behind Hello Project. Its really more to it than I thought. Who would have thought so much went into idol music… Well clearly most idol music isn’t this deep or I would be a fan of other idols, lol.

    Anyways. Just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this with us. Its definitely erotic for me a music head. I wish all my musical acts had this sort of detail in the behind the scenes!

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