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    • Hehe. I don’t remember now when I translated that, but I bet it was closer to five years ago than it was to zero. So thanks for remembering it. Happy New Year!

  1. The non-2ch threads this year were incredible. Thanks so much for tackling those!

    But yeah, the meme I used the most was probably “Oda Sakura every day.”

    Michishige Sayumi gets strangely excited over the thought of Kamikokuryo Moe sleeping in her junior high gym uniform
    So it’s been five years now since Morning Musume broke up…
    Ishiguro Aya’s 17-year-old daughter: “I love the Daaishi Feeling!”
    How come no one ever told me how good of a song Tsunku♂’s “TOUCH ME” is? (AKA WTFBBQ that was Taisei????)
    Michishige Sayumi’s big sister mistakenly tries to high five official at airport security check

    The armpit thread was good, too.

  2. Thanks for all the work. But just so you know, the picture of Tsunku at the top gives me nightmares.

  3. This site is my favorite H!P fandom hub. I’m lucky I found it via random google searching(something about Zukki’s weight thread).
    My favorite threads from 2018 are:
    Fukumura Mizuki and Iikubo Haruna talk about their drinking habits-I like to know what beverages idols like, completely normal hobby…
    I feel like Aikawa Maho was a type of girl we had never seen before in Hello! Project-Largely the reason I became bigger Angerme fan
    Ishiguro Aya’s 17-year-old daughter: “I love the Daaishi Feeling!”-I feel healed after these kind of threads
    Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book Interviews: Tsunku♂ (Part One)-Massive info packages to fans who just joined the fandom
    Fukumura Mizuki suggests that fans should do questionable things to Oda Sakura’s photobook-Funny
    What was Konno Asami like as a member of Morning Musume?-I’m so glad people love reminiscing past members and events

  4. Iida Kaori’s interview was very inspirational to me. I took a quote about goals from this interview and made a poster out of it. It hangs on the wall next to my desk.

    The best was Fukumura Mizuki and Likubo Haruna. I seriously wanted to find Honey’s favorite jazz bar and enjoy the setting. Maybe get to toast ginger highballs with her. I bet there were no less than a thousand Wota’s going to every jazz bar in Tokyo trying to find her. Haha!

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