5 comments on “I feel like Aikawa Maho was a type of girl we had never seen before in Hello! Project

  1. I miss MahoMaho. She sometimes was just so…out there. Reminded me a little bit of Kaori back in the day.

  2. Thank you very very very much, Henkka. Lately i can´t stop to think about Aiai, i don´t know why, and this translation is a big gift to me.

    When she joined Angerme Aiai couldn´t sing, she couldn´t dance, her perfomance skills were null.. but when she smiling (the best h!p´s smile ever), when she laughed with no sound, when she moves those long arms of hers like a drunken bear, when she had those facial tics similar to mine, when she spoke with her narcotic voice, the good person aura that she had… all about her hypnotized me. She was the special one in a group of weirdos.

    I miss her a lot. T_T

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