7 comments on “Loitering Between the Lines of Hello! Project: Part 12

  1. As of now, I’m putting this project on hold indefinitely as I wish to dedicate more of my time to other projects such as the 20th Anniversary Official Book. I do hope to eventually return to this series. Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed reading my translations of Loitering Between the Lines of Hello! Project!

  2. I agree the 20th anniversary book is more interesting;

    not to say that these lyric analyses, as well as all the various chat room articles aren’t incredibly entertaining and highly enjoyable.

    This has been posted before, but I want to add my voice to the chorus.

    This is my: favorite. site. ever.

    Thank you so much, Henkka.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us. It just lets me know how much I still have to go to be a full fledged Tsunku wota. I have to master his nuance in his lyrics. It just seems like he’s the best…

    • Oh yeah. Especially after taking on this series, I don’t think I can ever again look at another Tsunku lyric and be all, “What even is this?! This doesn’t make any sense! Tsunku’s so crazy!” Because I used to do that. But just deeming his lyrics “crazy” and giving up isn’t fair to him.

      It’s too easy.

  4. I really look forward to more 20th, but I also wouldn’t mind some kind of spoiler summary on this column: basically, do they come around on any of the new lyricists, like Kodama Ameko? There were some really interesting lyrics on some of the new Tsubaki and Angerme songs!

    What I don’t like here is that they seem to completely discount the fact that UMEDY wrote the rap, not Tsunku. Or were they trying to say that the rap wasn’t as well written as the rest of the lyrics?

    That Keykizaka shade was hilarious.

    • Sorry, I can’t spoil the column for you because I’m no further along in reading it as you are — I like to read it for the first time as I translate it. Keeps it fresh for me.

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