31 comments on “When my oshi gets popular, it makes me lose all interest in her. Is this strange?

  1. This is a really interesting thread somehow! Interesting to see how 2ch wota decide on their oshi, at least. >>48 is especially interesting. I never “chose” mine (Aika) (so yes I can vouch for your post at the end haha). It’s just something that happened naturally. If I could choose I might’ve chosen someone who didn’t get picked on so much by other fans hahaha. Even now that my oshi graduated I still can’t just “choose” another oshi. More like, there’s new girls that came in where I thought “I really like her, she’s my favourite in the group now that my oshi is gone.”

    For me, my oshi is my oshi no matter how popular or unpopular she is. Even if she caused a scandal the likes of Kago’s or Yaguchi’s, I feel like I couldn’t stop liking and supporting her — just be disappointed in her. That kind of thing would hurt, but to “stop” being her oshi isn’t something I know how to do.

  2. Oh god, those Eggs were awesome, but Juice=Juice is soooo mainstream. Melon Kinen-bi was the best idol group of all time, but you probably never heard of them… *puts on hipster glasses*

  3. 26,75, and 78 have said exactly what I was thinking.
    And here I thought that only foreign fans are like this, nothing but a bunch of hipster wotas .
    If you actually knew the girl you’re “supporting”, you would never oshihen based on something so superficial as her popularity.

  4. Henkka, your comment hit right home lol

    I was a Mitsui oshi for years since she entered the group, and let me say, it sucks to be a fan of someone who is so helplessly unpopular and gets so many criticism from other people. Not that this ever stopped me from being her fan, but it does diminish the fun of it. It’s hard seeing your oshi being hated by so many people.

    But I really don’t understand people who stop being a fan of someone just because the idol got popular. For me it seems they don’t really like the idol for who they are, but just for the status.

  5. It’s weird, I thought about this a few days ago. I was a Fuku-chan fan from the beginning (a little before she joined MM) and I KNEW she was amazing. I wanted people to see that. Riho got all the spotlight (nothing against her), so I kept supporting Fuku-chan and she improved so much. Yet I don’t like her as much as I used to. It’s weird, but >>25 described it well.

    “As their popularity rises, it feels like it’s okay to leave supporting them to others.”

    I respect Fuku-chan to no end and I still love her, but the urge to support her is somehow gone. And I feel bad about it :/

    (Btw, I’m a Aika oshi, too |D )

  6. This is I think not such a rare trait for all kinds of things. I know I’ve had this sort of feeling before. “Well, a lot of people know THING X now and I don’t have to be That Guy talking it up”, and it goes from there. Of course it is just one factor.

  7. #26
    “yeah, I’m cool for being kinda different and supporting a member who’s not popular, aren’t I?”

    H!O in a nutshell.

  8. I liked Ichii and Kamei too and they both have a disappointing fact in common: leaving right after they became popular.

  9. #78 is spot on xD usually i’m like this but with Sayu and idols and to a certain degree all the japaanese stuff that i like xD i think they are just so awesome that they should get more and more popular =P

  10. i still dont understand the cooncept of an oshi.
    but i love kamei. and still even after she graduated
    so im a kamei oshi ?

      • No, that’s not how it is correctly.
        Let’s say that you support Momochi, you say you “oshi” (push; support) for her. It’s a verb. “I will always ‘oshi’ for Momochi!”
        People introduce themselves like “I’m a Momochi-oshi”.
        But when they mention her as a favourite, it’s “Momochi is my oshimen” (from “oshi” and “member”, the “member” you “oshi” for).
        I don’t know why so many English-speaking idol fans get it wrong.

  11. I cant imagine ever leaving Kamei sama, she has been my Momusu Kami oshi since i truly discovered the group and really got to know all the members… She wasn’t the first member i noticed cause i discovered Morning Musume through some random movie that had Yaguchi in it then googled her and ended up watching all the Ayaka English lessons on youtube lol… But after i saw a Hello!Morning episode it was love at first sight and i knew that Kamei was the one for me

    I guess im a DD as well cause i like the other members and tend to have numerous oshi’s even from different groups (ie Harugon & Kanakooooooooooo lol) so my other oshi’s tend to change but i dont stop liking them when they get popular, if anything it makes me happier that the member I support is achieving a bigger fanbase cause that means more appearances and more chances to watch them

  12. I hope I will continue to have Zukki as my oshi even when she blows peeps’ minds in a couple years.

    If that doesn’t happen I still love you, Zuks.

  13. Summary:

    1. You support an underdog, because you think “She doesn’t really have many fans, so my support matter more in her case…!”.

    2. You support an underdog, because you want to show that you’re different/cool, that you don’t like those mainstream idols but someone who isn’t known. Because you think it’ll make you more interesting.

    3. You support an underdog, because you know that kind of loneliness she might have: At the concert, she looks in the crowd and doesn’t see many glowsticks in her color. Then you’re there, being all like “Hey, look here! I support you! You’re not alone!”

    4. Because you truly adore her, no matter if she’s popular or not.

  14. I’m DD and love/support them all with all of my strength…that’s what being a fan means to me. Hence I am always a little turned-off when all this “oshi” talk gets thrown around…but I understand that each person will be a fan in their own way, that’s their own right.

    Honestly, I feel like you should be cheering your hardest for the girls regardless of their perceived popularity. If your oshi becomes popular, shouldn’t you be even happier for her? That’s at least what I think.

    The only time I “drop” support for a girl is when she does something stupid that invalidates her “idol” tag, such as a sordid scandal where it’s clear that she’s no longer striving to live up to the ideals of what an idol should be: a role model being the most important point.

    Case in point: Kago AI. Although my support for her has been revitalized recently with her impending comeback, the damage has already been done. She’ll never again be truly an idol to be after the stupid mistakes she made in the past, yet on the other hand I believe that she deserves another chance despite her shortcomings. She’s got a lot of courage to be attempting a comeback at all, so we’ll see where this gets her.

    Idols that have graduated is a grey area for me. I’ll admit that my undying support for Takahashi Ai faltered for a dark moment when I read her engagement announcement. Yet I found that, even though her choice of spouse is a questionable one regarding his past, I could never forsake someone that I supported so wholeheartedly. She neither betrayed herself nor her fans…so there’s no reason to deny that she’s still an idol in terms of ideal and behavior.

    On the other hand, so-called “idols” like Sashihara and Minegishi from AKB have had their “idol” tags revoked, in my opinion. Scandals of that caliber are simply unexceptable considering the standards that idols are held to. If they wanted to have normal relationships, then they wouldn’t have become full-time idols in the first place. They knew fully well what they were getting themselves into, what standards of conduct they were held to, and still betrayed everyone supporting them up to this point: not just the fans, but their handlers/managers/producers/etc.

    But I digress. My point through all of this is that everyone has different individual standards for their idols that may or may not overlap the “universal code of conduct” that most idols are held to. Whether they live up to expectations or not, one should give their all to support these flowers while they are blooming. Beauty is ephemeral and fame is fleeting, especially for idols. Thus, give your all to support whom you want to support, while you still can.

    (sorry for the wall of text, comrades)

  15. Almost all of my top favorite members are/were underdogs, but I didn’t even know they were underdogs at the beginning.

    I have recently started to really like Riho. She was at the bottom of my list for H!P before, but now I find her very cute and dorky. lol She’s not my favorite or anything, but watching their performances has become much more enjoyable. So I can definitely understand how someone might choose to support a popular member, just because of how fun it is.

    Still….it’s Zukki for me, and I wouldn’t change that even if I could. I’ve become quite fast at finding her in the abyss of girls even in H!P concerts with all the girls on stage. lol

  16. My oshi gets too mainstream, my cousin or my friend shall steal that oshimen and makes my life miserable as hell

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