11 comments on “Maa-chan: “To me it sounds like aiko plays all her melodies on instruments and sings only the harmony parts.”

  1. Maachan, the only one who knows what is going on. I cannot handle her missing from Momusu right now. If she need to quit from her physical injury, I would love to see her still going in musical career path.

    • Or work on songs since the guys are not getting any younger as well. And would be nice to have an idol with a very good understanding of music work on some songs.

  2. I remember an episode of Music Fighter with Berryz Koubou. Aoki, one of the presenters, competed against all the members on skill that they were good at. When Aiko chose the skill it was “singing the harmony of any song”. I think a girl from Berryz sang a song and Aoki did it very well. When it was the turn of a Berryz member to do it, no one even tried it =/
    At least that’s what I remember, I can’t find the episode right now.

  3. A very sharp observation… Aiko’s songs might seem very cheap produced but there are some true masterpieces and every song is a weird combination of beautiful harmonies and oddly placed notes that are not part of the scale… It’s indeed a great practise for Maa-chan to analyse her songs! And I’m not surprised, that she does exactly that…

  4. I knew there was always something odd about Aiko’s songs, but I could never quite put my finger on it.

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