16 comments on “Hagiwara Mai: “I think I might just do nothing after I graduate.”

  1. …I feel sorry for all the guys who became or feels this way.
    We need someone like Matsuura to remind everyone every now and then.

  2. If she wants to become a Neet let her… Shes been a full fledged idol since she was 6 years old, she’s never really had a normal life.. She’s entitled more so than any other idol ever to do as she pleases after graduation

  3. Those comments about Up-Front gave me warm and fluffy feelings. It’s good that there are reliable companies like that out there.

    > last post
    Oi oi… There go the warm, fluffy feelings!

  4. Is it bad that I laughed all the way while reading that manga? Sure, I feel bad if there are people who feel like that but it came out as funny how dramatic all was… Whoever made that is a genius, I wonder what did the other wota think when reading that? No one replied after that…

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