13 comments on “The average idol wota spends ¥94,738 (US$800) a year on his hobby. How about you?

  1. Oh geez, I’m not sure I want to know at this point. Buying whatever singles/albums would show up on iTunes wasn’t much. Getting into buying used CDs/DVDs from eBay added to that, and more recently I’ve been getting more things like cards and other physical items. Then the stupider things like domain names…

      • Since the company doesn’t tend to grab obvious things, you end up with things like angerme.com being nothing but some light advertising. So I’ve registered a few domains like morningmusume16.com and kobushifactory.com, as a sort of friendly squatting. By default I point them to pages at the H!P Wiki, but I’ve also done things like have subdomains like official., youtube., or facebook. point to appropriate places.

        A high point was when I found this discussion about how the company had failed to secure domain name, Twitter, and Instagram for Kobushi Factory, and it was mentioned that even an American had got into it. Someone else replied with what Google Translate turns into “Wonder should I dispose of the American bastard”.

  2. > 10: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/10/11(日) 07:14:15.20 0.net
    > Is that with or without travel expenses?

    That’s what I want to know.

  3. I d feel pretty bad if i bought anything or attended anything
    Like “what the hell am i doing with my money/ life?” and i know the satisfaction of attending concert or handshake could never make up for it.
    Maybe im not desperate or old or lonely enough.
    Sure the free youtube bits and pieces are fun and i m gratefull for them but i d be a fool to go overboard.
    End of the day they are just cute girls. Fun to watch for free but just that

  4. Well, last year I had over 100 chekis (at 1000 a pop, usually). I attended about 170 lives, between 500 yen and 4500 yen. I had 10 Tshirts about 3000 a go. About 20 CDs, also between 1500-3000…

    I think I exceeded 500,000 yen :P

  5. jyuunintoiro, to each their own. If you can spend that much without going broke and enjoy doing so, all power to you. I probably spend that much on video games. Importing from Japan is not cheap.

    Idols, not so much. I spend way more on Stardust groups over H!P, though I enjoy both, but even that’s only a fraction of my gaming habit. If I lived in Japan and concerts were more easily accessible compared to where I currently am however, it would probably be very different.

    #37 is interesting though. Tickets to just those 3 events cost /that/ much?

    • If you just buy from a ticket seller, no. You’d be looking at like 7000-8000 yen a ticket probably. If you’re wanting to get close as possible to the stage, those tickets can easily reach 100,000 yen or higher. Things like graduations, I’ve seen those go up to 1,000,000 yen.

  6. I spend a frightening amount – if you include flights and accommodation while over there.
    But direct spending on Idols is down to about 200,000yen per year.
    The lowest it has been in 6 years – because I don’t buy merch nowadays, except for the occasional towel.

  7. I don’t go to Japan for concerts but if Morning Musume is playing in the US, I go see them (I’ve been to all three shows). I probably spend around a thousand USD a year on average on concert goods and other things like photobooks and it goes up if Morning Musume comes to the states.
    I’m female, 34, and in an 11 year old relationship. I don’t find doing this weird at all and can afford it.
    I just like to support my group :).

  8. Last year, probably was easily 700,000 yen. Plane, hotel, concert tickets for my yearly Tokyo trip. Then there’s all the goods I buy throughout the year.

  9. last year was probably about $400 split between Morning Musume New York concert spending and AKB Sousenkyo voting cds mostly.. This year could have been absured if I went to the Texas Morning Musume concert cause that was like $750 for flight, hotel and tickets alone, couldnt afford it but still regret not going.. Seemed like it was an awesome concert… so most of my money is going to Sousenkyo votes this year, might do 8 cds instead of the usual 4

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