20 comments on “Let’s be real: does an idol as beautiful as Michishige Sayumi even exist?

  1. I’m probably the only one who doesn’t think that Sayu is that cute :-D

    I mean… I find her very pretty, but I always manage to find a one that catches my eye more :-)

    Well, that’s a matter of taste.

  2. Once again Henkka I’m really glad this page exist. I want to thank you alot!
    Keep up the good work.
    PS: Yes Sayu is actually becoming more and more beautiful, she’s like a good wine.

  3. >>56
    But I wanted it in a condition where no other hand had yet to touch it…

    Ha Ha ! ! Exactly like me…

  4. my oshi is Kamei, but while looking for a current oshi from the new generations, I´m always going back to Sayu… she really doesn´t look like the eldest in some of the shots. In fact, sometimes she looks like the youngest!

    When you look back, the 6ki was truly magical. I´m hoping for a final 6ki MC with Kamei and Reina for Sayu´s graduation to really give them a good sendoff.

  5. This is just too funny, the Sayu festival LOL, but really they are not kidding, Sayu’s beauty is in whole other level that is hard to find an adjective to describe her

  6. The answer is NO!!!! Sayu is on a another level when it comes to beauty… Her Beauty on the inside as well ass the outside are unmatched in the idol world… She was so painfully cute as a child and grew up into an even Cuter adult who can switch into sexy bombshell mode at any time it is needed… Just watch the Michishige Sayumi Millefeuille dvd for anybody who hasnt seen the tremendous shift from cute to sexy she can pull off with ease

  7. Sayu is just divine, an angel, perfect
    I always wonder if Sayu’s sister is at least half as pretty as she is

    • Sayu’s sister is supposedly even more beautiful than Sayu. So it’s best we never actually see such a being

  8. interesting comment there, Henkka…I have thought over the years, off and on, that if we just air-dropped Idol DVD’s both gravure and concert of all manners into strife ridden lands, along with (carefully bubble wrapped) Region Free DVD’s, into places like Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran, war torn countries in Africa, Burma, etc…gave them a year, then sent in troops, like AKB coming out of the helicopter in the River PV, just tons of Idols dressed like Momusu in “Ai no Gundan” we could achieve world peace and Idols would rule the world. I am only half..no a quarter joking.

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