29 comments on “But what’s going to happen to Maasa?!

  1. Maasa will become a spokesperson for a new gym for women and be given equity in the company. Their slogan will be “Go from massive to Maasa-ive”. The gym will become popular and be bought out by a national chain making Maasa the first Hello!Kid millionaire.

  2. lmao, that wrestler comment got me… But in all seriousness Maasa can act, she may be the one who appears in stage plays after graduation but she will only be typecasted certain roles like Middle age housewife and Delinquent boss

    PS, i would love if Captain Saki becomes a choreographer within H!P, people tend to forget that she was the best dancer in the company until Riho came along

  3. I think Maasa will either become an actress or return to normal life and have a ton of kids.

    Either way I just hope she’s happy.

  4. Tsunku: “Nothing! They all can do nothing!”

    Katsuta Rina: “I’m still so very sorry.”

    *Everyone else quits*

    • *Tsunku holding a bokken, madly swinging it around* Back! Back you foul creatures! No one get close to my money!

  5. No more CHAYUUU, diminished quantities of Berryz… At least I have kntm to soothe my soul.

    > And for what it’s worth, I say Maasa should just become a rock star.
    I approve of this message.

    • Come to think of it, I guess that dream I recently had where the Berryz members had all kinds of different jobs was kind of prophetic. Although I do hope that Momochi won’t end up as a hospital disco bouncer in real life. That would just be weird.


    • “At least I have kntm to soothe my soul.”

      Now now, we all know KanaTomo doesn’t soothe anything. She prefers to punch them into submission.

      • That’s, in a way, pretty much the same thing. Afterwards everything is calm and peaceful.

  6. “Indefinite Hiatus” really reminds me of how Melon Kinenbi came to be. I will not be surprised if they released in the future “Berryz Not Dead” – wait, there was already like that from Melon Kinenbi.

  7. If Berryz do disband.. I’ll be happy.. Sort of.. They rather go out while still being themselves rather than following other idols who have gone with the idea of “sex sells”… Good for them..

  8. I wish her luck in anything she decides to do. Of course, it would be great if she stayed in publicity, as an actress or something like that but if she decides to live a “normal life”, I hope she lives a great, satisfying life, gets to do everything she has always wanted and maybe finds someone who loves her as much as she loves that person and makes her as happy as she has made us fans, by her side.

  9. I have to say, I like the wrestler idea. Many idols and actresses have gone on to great success as wrestlers(Yuzuki Aikawa, Act Yasukawa, Hikaru Shida, Tsukasa Fujimoto, etc.), so it’s not that crazy an idea.

    • Thanks, but I, Nakadashi Paizuri, is not interested in Maasa, though if she’s willing to suck my dick, I would not decline her offer.

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  11. Miyabi or Captain is going to announce their marriage soon..

    Remember the new song? The being 10 years idol song.. There’s a line with “great deal of temptation” and then the members proceed with sticking our their pinkies and kissing them? Pinkies are a symbol of lover in Japan.. So yeah.. The temptation the song was talking about is boyfriend.. Now.. There’s no holding them back..

    Prepare yourself Wota.. for a heartbreak.. multiple times..

  12. I recall her wanting to be a seiyuu. But if she decides to wrestle she will be the most famous member of berryz, post-suspension.

  13. I can see her becoming an anime seiyuu or an actress, since she has taken interest to those things.

  14. I come from the future and you’re all wrong! She will become an actress and be in MANY Engeki Joshibu theather plays. Rishako was the first mom and the first to get married. Momo sadly retired after extending her idol life with Country Girls. Chii studies abroad and is living her best life. Miya is with Pink Cres. and also started her fashion brand PIMMY. Captain has done some solo events here and there and was an advisor for some time but is mostly silent.

    Truly, the only one they got right was Yurina and (partially) Miya lol.

    • Meanwhile those wota are still sad and lonely, probably still spending their money on idols half their age. Same with many commentators on this site lmao. Sorry not sorry.

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